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007, Call of Duty 4 style

Quantum of Solace is a solid Bond game that mixed third-person and first-person shooter gameplay styles to deliver a satisfying single-player mission and a good selection of multiplayer types. The game runs on the Call of Duty 4 engine, and you can definitely feel the resemblance as you play. All the elements are there: bullets go through walls, the weapons pack a hefty punch, and the visuals are still impressive. Some reviewers considered Quantum's similarity to CoD4 a fault, but I thought the engine actually lent the game a more realistic feeling than previous iterations in the Bond franchise, and that's not such a bad thing.

Moreover, Quantum isn't entirely similar to CoD4, given that the game employs a Gears of War-like cover system that shifts to a third-person view whenever you duck behind something. You might assume that melding two very different perspectives into the same game might feel disjointed, but I actually enjoyed switching between first and third-person views since it added some nice variety to the gameplay.

The single-player missions themselves are fun and quite varied in terms of level design. Since the game is based on both Daniel Craig Bond films, you get to traverse a lot of locations and play through pivotal moments in both movies. Quantum alternates between stealth and trigger-happy missions, so you never get too tired of either. With the help of the franchise's classic score, the single-player experience is well-worth playing for any Bond or action game fan.

In addition, there are a variety of multiplayer modes that include some standard game types (territory, free for all, team slayer) but also some uniquely Bond-ish modes (such as Golden Gun, which resembles Halo 3's "Oddball" mode, and Bond Versus, which pits the lone agent against a team of terrorists). To top it all off, Quantum carries over Call of Duty 4's weapons upgrade system, which creates some balancing issues for beginners but adds tremendous value to the online experience.

All in all, Quantum is a great package with a brief but satisfying campaign and numerous multiplayer options to keep aspiring M16 agents coming back for more.

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