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Quantum Redshift is a futuristic racer created by Curly Monsters. QR has some striking similarities to Sony's Wipeout franchise, which is not surprising when you realise that Curly Monsters was created by a bunch of developers formerly of SCEE's Studio Liverpool. Structurally, QR is presented like a beat'em up game. Each character has a home circuit and a nemesis, and short animated sequences explain the background to each of the characters. The tracks themselves are open and are played in both forward and reverse directions. Each track has multiple routes which are discovered as the player unlocks the faster speed classes. Pickups fall into three categories - shield, unguided missile, and guided missile. As players progress through the game they earn points which can be traded for weapon upgrades. The game retains a consistent 60fps, features 5.1 audio, and supports single and local split-screen multiplayer with up to four players.

Although QR was received quite well by most reviewers it was not a commercial success, and Curly Monsters closed their doors not long after it's launch due to lack of funding.

Multiple Weapons
Jumping High
Skimming the Waves
Incredible Scenery

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