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In the domain of the Big Freaking Guns and other Ultimate weapons, there is the Quantum Singularity Generator. This weapon generates black hole-like vortex that sucks everything nearby into the vortex, crushing and melting objects for the duration of the vortex's life span.  

Blood 2

Blood II Singularity Generator
The Blood 2 version features two fire modes. The first is a violet beam that creates a vortex at the target, the second creates a temporary shield.  Blood 2's vortex doesn't do enormous damage. It throws objects into "another dimension" instead of killing them. The weapon works poorly against large sized creatures, who are pulled to the vortex and partially melted but do not enter.  

Kiss Psycho Circus

The Kiss Psycho Circus version is the "Celestial" character's weapon. It launches blue rings that generate a vortex on any surface. The vortex sucks in enemies, melting them into a bloody mess.

Unreal II

Unreal 2 Singularity cannon
The Unreal II's version is called singularity cannon, this one is different and have similitudes with weapons above, it contains 666 1 ammo, it's the final weapon in the single player campaign. This weapon launches a large ball with a smaller ball that gravitates around the bigger ball and fly slowly sucking everything on its path causing damage, when it hits a surface it creates a vortex that can attract and damage us if we are nearby, the vortex on the surfaces have a short life time, but it can cause enormous carnage even if the enemy is behind an obstacle.

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