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Not Portal 1

Q.U.B.E is a first person puzzle game that will look quite familiar to most PC gamers.It is very clear that this game is heavily inspired by Portal, to the point that it may feel like a budget knock-off of that game to some people. Imagine the first Portal game, but with no GLaDOS. Now imagine that the whole facility is not made out of panels, but cubes. Now, imagine that instead of having the portal gun, you have gloves that allow you to 'interact' with certain cubes, causing them to raise, low...

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 0

Q.U.B.E. is an interesting and novel take on the first-person action puzzler that brings its unique gameplay to the table to challenge Valve's successful Portal series. A great soundtrack and accessible gameplay round out the package.In order to properly review Q.U.B.E. (Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion), one must address the elephant in the room: Valve’s Portal series. The comparisons appear fast and loose between these games, and not without good reason: Valve’s original Portal game legi...

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Comparisons can be made, but it's mostly in appearance. 0

(Please Note: Puzzle types used this game will be described/spoiled in this review.)I have seen many people compare Q.U.B.E. to the Portal franchise. While I can see why they are made, I feel that this is merely in how the game it looks. Its motives for Portal style trappings are there, but the game only travels shortly down that path. Instead I feel we were left with something more straightforward and lacking in narrative.To Put It Bluntly: Q.U.B.E. starts strong with its easy to manage puzzle ...

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Passing Judgment on... Q.U.B.E. 0

QUBE (Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion is what it stands for, if you were wondering) is a fantastic example of engaging, innovative puzzle platforming, drawing upon Portal for inspiration, but not copying it verbatim.First up, you can’t write about QUBE and not acknowledge its gorgeous artistic direction. Think Portal’s stark, sterile test chambers married with Mirror’s Edge’s splashes of vivid primary colour, and QUBE is what you get. It looks stunning, with fantastic lighting effects and...

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A Light Puzzle Snack 0

Time to Finish: 2.5 hrs.Most Time Spent on Single Puzzle: 10 min.What I'd Pay: $10Steam Price (1/12/12): $15Q.U.B.E. feels like a game the Portal team would hammer out in a month. It's stylish first-person puzzler with a bare-bones story hinted at by the environment and quite a few rough edges, yet it managed to tax my brain without frustrating me into quitting it for the night.The game's puzzles revolves around blocks and the special gloves you use to manipulate them. Blocks' behavior is determ...

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An intriguing Yet Limited Experience 0

Let's deal with this right out of the gate. Q.U.B.E is a 'similar' experience to Portal. Yes, it is a first person puzzle game. Yes, the game is set in a sterile, mostly white environment. Yes, there is a thank-you to Valve in the credits. For me, that is where the similarities end. There are no 'Portals' in this game.Amongst the white blocks which make up each chamber, players will encounter and extrude special block in a variety of colours, each with its own properties. Red blocks can be pulle...

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