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Not Portal

Q.U.B.E is a first person puzzle game that will look quite familiar to most PC gamers.

It is very clear that this game is heavily inspired by Portal, to the point that it may feel like a budget knock-off of that game to some people. Imagine the first Portal game, but with no GLaDOS. Now imagine that the whole facility is not made out of panels, but cubes. Now, imagine that instead of having the portal gun, you have gloves that allow you to 'interact' with certain cubes, causing them to raise, lower, rotate, etc. That is Q.U.B.E in a nutshell.

Having competed the game in a few hours (let's say 2 - 3 hours), I found it enjoyable. While not nearly as good as the game that inspired it, there is something to be said for taking Portal, giving it the sort of ambient chill-out feel of Mirror's Edge (in sound and visual design - there is no parkour) and the gameplay of something sort of like Pushmo.

The downsides of this game are that it is extremely derivative, quite short / easy (your mileage may vary), and some of the achievements seem to be bugged.

Posted by Hsizzay

Thanks, nice review. I really appreciate the specific comparisons to other games, you've really communicated what this game is (and isn't) very succinctly and clearly. I also appreciate the nonjudgmental descriptions -- really helps the reader decide if this is a game for them or not without getting bogged down in arguing about whether your opinion is "right."

Keep reviewing!

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