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Dragon Force's manual encourages players not to underestimate the power of Teiris' friendship. What this translates to in practical terms is a near-ridiculous number of free alliances, which is just as well, given that Teiris is probably the game's frailest monarch. Her spells can crush enemy armies, but often require knowledgeable application to get the best out of them.

These attacks are Trident's Daughter, Summon Vortex & Summon Wyvern.

Teiris Army

Teiris initial generals are all quite effective and varied warriors. However, they aren't especially powerful initially and suffer from low troop numbers.

MANOA - A devoted priestess loyal to the Queen, Manoa suffers from poor eyesight but is still a reliable leader. She is the sister of Tristan's Cinna. She is an effective priest with solid command and the ability to resurrect troops.

GULEN - He has been a devoted servant of Teiris' ever since she used her magic to heal him from life-threatening injuries. His past is unknown but he is familiar with the Highland generals and Karhaz. Basically your common, high-ability Knight.

DURAN - A virtuous man who came to Palemoon to aid the diminishing elf tribes. He is a decent fighter with great command and a move-set more magic based than most of his class.

REINER - Despite being a self-professed pacifist who studied the peaceful applications of magic in nature, Reiner has great talent in the use of offensive magic. While he starts with a small number of troops, he has good command and learns some excellent spells.

Storyline enemies

LAINE - An egotistical elf who rivaled Teiris in the elf's election of their monarch, Laine has decided not to accept democracy and now tries to take the crown by driving Teiris out. She has the highest starting MP of any spirit user, and becomes a loyal general when recruited.

VARSHYL - Laine's henpecked fiance, he seems a little more scrupulous than his love. A great magical knight, albeit one with quite low strength, he can use archers or cavalry and becomes loyal upon his defeat. Had leading-man good looks in the Saturn version but received a more awkward-looking face-lift in the PS2 remake.

PIPER - A nervous-looking young elf lady who serves as Laine's maid. She is a spirit user of average ability.

NYVKALL - This overweight and bald fighter may not cut an impressive figure, but he is an enthusiastic swordsman who looks to test his mettle against other accomplished warriors. To this end, he has joined Laine to face Duran.

Story Mode

Although several elements of Teiris' scenario might mark it as the game's easy option, her first skirmish is the toughest faced by any monarch. Laine's army is almost equal to Teiris' own in strength(most other monarchs outclass their initial foes) and has the backing of a good castle, while Teiris force is heavily dependent on the dubious archer troop and doesn't have the option of powering up by facing other opponents first.

After this early struggle though, the game's difficulty plummets. Wein beats a hasty path to Teiris door, hands his army over to her then absconds. Reinhart, Junon and Gongos all ally with Teiris without having to be beaten first, leaving only three countries that must first be subdued first(Teiris must approach Gongos and Junon in person to make them ally, however).

Adding to the ease of the scenario are some differences in Goldark's final attack, Gaul and Scythe's ambush and the recruitment of the hidden general Vangal.

Teiris does tend to suffer from Dragon Force random stat growth however, as she often finds herself lacking HP & Mp. Her command stat also tends to be the lowest of any monarch.

While Teiris free alliances might be unsatisfying for some, it can also make her well-suited to players who want to see how quickly they can conquer the game.

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