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My review in first person perspective 0

When I play an RPG, I usually change the name of the primary adventurer to my name and pretend to take on that persona. While you can’t change the name of the main character in Quest 64, my name also happens to be Brian, so isn’t that convenient. Bear with me as I give the rest of my review in first person.Oh no! My father’s been kidnapped. I must go save him. Let me leave this undeveloped town full of empty rooms and run down the only road to look for him. This road has many enemies, but they d...

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This Game is Awful 0

Back when I was in college, I had a roommate who owned an N64.  This was the only game console I had, so I played a fair amount of N64 games in general.  Also being a college student I didn't have a whole lot of money, so we tended to play the heck out of any titles we actually pooled our money together to play.  One of my roommates and I were RPG fans, and this was *the* RPG for the N64.  So naturally we jumped when this game came out....  Wow.. I wish we would have pooled our money for a PlayS...

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