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The Qu's Marsh is the name for any marsh discovered on Gaia in Final Fantasy IX. The first one appears after exiting Lindblum's Dragon's Gate and heading towards Burmecia. It is here you have the first opportunity to get Quina Quen, another playable character. As the name implies, the marsh is home for the Qus, though only 3 are ever seen in the game (Quina, Quale, and Quan).

Qu's Marsh plays no role in the story until the party needs to find a mine shaft that leads from the Mist Continent to the Outer Continent. Quina, thanks to her acute sense of smell and love of frogs, finds the entrance accidentally, helping lead the team to a whole new world.

There are marshes on the Outer Continent, as well as one by Daguerro, in a chain of islands. All are pretty much alike: lots of long grass with a small marshy inlet in the middle, where the Mini-Game "Frog Catch" can be played. This mini-game is just Quina running around trying to catch Frogs. The more she captures, the more rewards she gets from Master Quale. The items get better each time, culminating in a boss battle against Quale upon catching 100 frogs. It should also be noted that Quina's Blue Magic ability "Frog Drop" does damage dependent upon how many frogs she catches.

Quale happens to be an optional boss, with the highest HP of any enemy in Final Fantasy IX.
HP: 65,535
MP: 3680
Steal: Elixir, Ninja Gear, Glutton's Robe, Robe of Lords

As you can see, Quale also comes with some great items to steal, particularly the Robe of Lords (the hardest to get of all 4 items). Your party receives 65,535 EXP for winning this battle, as well as 10,000 gil.

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