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With his bald head, thick moustache and rather unflattering tights, it's unlikely that R. Bear will ever draw the sort of admiration afforded to "cooler" bosses like Shiva or Zamza, but he is nevertheless one of Streets of Rage 2's most formidable opponents. Bear's long reach and dominating uppercut can make approaching him directly or through the air rather hazardous, while his divebomb move is one of the few to attack along depth rather than breadth. To add to this, Bear is surprisingly swift for a man of his girth, so it's somewhat fortunate that he's only fought twice in the game.

Previews of early Streets of Rage 2 versions reveal that R. Bear's prototype name was "Rocky", which might be a hint as to what the "R" stands for. The second Bear boss is named "Bear Jnr." and wears green tights which are marginally less unappealing than the red.

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