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Old musty ownage. 0

R Type originally came out in 1987. This is not exactly ancient history, but it is quite possible that a good chunk of new gamers have either never heard of it or, worse, never bothered to play one of its many, many sequels. R Type Dimensions is an attempt to re-visit, or perhaps eulogize, this old classic through a graphics overhaul and overly generous continue system for people without super human reflexes. It’s still R Type, pseudo 3D or not, and it still bears all the flaws that were forgiva...

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Old school pain 0

Your knuckles are bloodied and bruised, there’s broken glass littering the floor; people are screaming, including yourself. Is this the scene of an unfortunate bar fight? No, I‘m afraid not. Because those knuckles are in agonising pain from where you punched the wall in furious anger; and the broken glass covering your room is actually from your expensive HDTV that, in a split-second of madness, you decided to throw your 360 controller straight into. No, this is not the aftermath of drunken, hu...

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Quadruple bypass 0

  So video games have now officially adopted the womanly ritual that is “the makeover”. Just as girl friends from Malibu are prone to freak out with joy at the prospect of getting their hair, nails, toe nails and facials done with the most exotic-yet-excessive of lotion treatments (for my friend reading this, that line was for you!) so too will nostalgic geeks salivate over the prospect of an old game getting its polygons done. Ergo, we have R-Type Dimensions, an Xbox Live Arcade game that exfol...

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