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R-Type DX is a compilation of the first two R-Type games released for the Game Boy Color. The game was released in 1999, and was published by Epoch and developed by Bits Studios. R-Type DX actually has six different game modes: R-Type DX (a combined challenge of R-Type and R-Type II), R-Type (both in color and black and white), R-Type II (both in color and black and white), and De Souza (a level creation mode unlocked after completing R-Type DX).

R-Type DX was fairly well-received, garnering scores in the mid to high range.


 R-Type retains its infamous difficulty.
The game follows the traditional R-Type formula. The player goes from left to right, destroying enemies and collecting weapon upgrades. There are a variety of different types of weapons, each of which is upgraded independently (and picking up a new weapon erases the old one). Additionally, there are power-ups for extra ships (that fire independently) and missiles (which fire vertically).

The six different game modes are fairly similar. R-Type DX is a "challenge mode," combining the color versions of R-Type and R-Type II into one game. R-Type and R-Type II is almost identical in color and black and white, with only minor differences (mostly graphically). De Souza is a level creation mode, where the player can place scenery and enemies in any way.    

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