Customise Your Rabbids!

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Yup, Rabbids Go Home is Ubisoft's quirky but promising rabbid-infested comedy platformer. The customisation ability has been showcased before, but I wasn't expecting this type of depth to the process. I wish these could replace the Miis now! They're sloppy but you get the point :-P

Neat :-P
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I love the rabbids... This wasn't new thread worthy so here it is (I'll make a thread if they show a lengthy gameplay trailer):

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I only have one thing to say for this: "OMG WAVING WABBIDS! SO WUCKING WOOD!"

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Finally, the Rabbids are Rayman free - yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy. 
The reviews are not brilliant, but still good and I just love those damn Rabbids.  They make me smile and giggle and how can that be a bad thing in any game?  Certainly going to be in my collection sooner or later.

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Yeah, old thread. Needs review thread I think. They're very mixed but I can't say the more negative ones justify their reasoning too much. On it.

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