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86 - NGamer UK

The Rabbids can pull off a fully fledged game without Rayman's assistance. This is witty, charming and, above all, incredible fun.

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85 - IGN

Rabbids Go Home is not a Raving Rabbids sequel, but an altogether different experience -- one far more inspired and ambitious. This title at times feels like an action romp and at times a platformer on wheels, but regardless of the scenario, you'll be having fun and smiling if not laughing.

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83 - Official Nintendo Magazine UK

It's an absolute hoot but if you're after a meaty challenge, you definitely won't find it here.

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80 - VideoGamer

The whole adventure is bonkers from start to finish, and it's all the better for it. Rabbids Go Home won't be held up alongside true genre classics, but it's one of the best Wii games released this year and is sure to put a smile on your face.

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80 - Giant Bomb

A pretty shallow experience, and I'm uncertain if the novelty of the formula can support the weight of annualized sequels. But these facts do nothing to diminish the fact that I spent nearly the entire eight-or-so hours with the game wearing a stupid grin on my face, probably looking something like the Rabbids on my screen.

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75 - Game Informer

Rabbids Go Home, though at times repetitive, is a fun game with laugh-out-loud animations. Any game with Rabbids in fisticuffs over a pouch of Capri Sun is okay in my book.

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75 - Meristation

Laughs and more laughs with the new adventure of crazy rabbits of Rayman. He isn't new but the Rabbids are the perfect protagonists of a great adventure with lots of exploration, humor and simplicity to manage. Ubisoft has done its work very well in almost all aspects of the game, only it has missed making a product less repetitive and more difficult.

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70 - Teletext GameCentral

The Rabbids' first proper game is a huge improvement on the earlier mini-game collections.

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Not too shabby so far, it looks like Ubisoft's turning around with games like this and Anno :-)

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Ho;y crap, a Giantbomb review that pretty much matches my view.  A game character that can make me smile as much as a Rabbid does can only be awesome.   
In their first game, I loved the shooting parts, so a Rabbids shooting game, a parody of a big title would be a winner for me in any new game that comes next.

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Maybe that's more plausible than you'd think considering this is the same game engine powering Red Steel 2. Something along the lines of Conker's Bad Fur Day (minus the profanity I suppose) with more of an action twist could be pretty hilarious. I haven't played a Rabbids game but from watching all the YouTube videos and what not it seems they're some of the best newly created characters.

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It's great to see the Rabbids on a full blown big budget adventure game. I think they are better characters than Rayman.

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Good reviews for a game/franchise which finally moved in the right direction.   
That's some good promotion from Ubisoft with Christmas drawing near.. I'm surprised they got away with that, the modifications on that car could be deemed dangerous in a crash.

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@Linkyshinks said:
" Good reviews for a game/franchise which finally moved in the right direction.  
"TV Party" was great and if you asked me, the "right direction" for the rabbids would be a new Minigame compilation with MotionPlus-Support.. That would rock so incredibly much.
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I wanted a Rayman game much like Rayman 2 for the Dreamcast.

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looks really fun deffinitly going to buy it. 
now that rayman has split off from the rabbids maybe he will star in his own game again?
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