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A lot of what has been said is wrong

OK,I've only been playing the game for about a week but one thing that stuck me straight away was that all the hype about physics and stuff was way off,as was some of the criticism.

Most notable is when you are racing,even with full damage turned on is the car doesnt take much,you can in a race crash into the car ahead of you to slow down instead of using the brakes and you will get away with it,,this  was probably intentional on the part of simbin because it suits online racing more,ie drivers wont be at the mercy of aggrssive racers like they are in forza 2.

Compared to forza there seems to be a lot less science in the game and the graphics seem to have less resolution and sharpness than forza,maybe on a HD television this would be different.also there is a lack of tracks and a lack of cars compared to forza.

Thats the bad,now the good,the sound is right up there,monster engines sound like monster engines,also the AI wont let you just win and unlike forza doesnt seem to be going through the motions.
Simbin racers are the only games i will use manual gears but unfortunately the cockpit view seems too zoomed out so i've had to skip that this time. 
Also if i had to chose between forza track accuracy and racepro track accuracy i would pick race pro hands down.
Special mention has to given to the macau city track which is probably the nicest track i've raced on and that includes PGR4.

How does this game stack up with other racers?I stick it between forza and pgr,
also i'd recommend that if you are playing it to turn off the race line and the corner indicaters,it just seems to get so much better when you do and you are only slowing yourself up in the long run,there is skill and the more you play the better you get but dont expect a simulation experience on par with games like gt legends.

If simbin manage to change some things this could be the start of a really good franchise but its a long way from being a forza beater..
Posted by macker33

EDIT::ok,its 5 months on and i've got to say this game has grown on me somewhat,i'm not sure i'd stick with everything i said in the review though,especially what i said about the macau track,its nice but i cant say its anywhere near as perfect as the pgr4 version.I actually think i;m losing out be not having a steering wheel to play this.
I checked out the multiplayer lobbies and there doesnt seem to be much happaning at all and the DLC is scandalous,800points for a few cars and a couple of tracks?forget it,maybe if all the dlc packs were bundled together i might pay the 800 but as it is its daylight robbery.

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