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After the Chimera invasion of Britain and Europe, the United States sent forces in exchange of a super weapon the British had acquired. Captain Parker led the convoy carrying the weapon towards York, England; the convoy was ambushed in Manchester while the American soldiers were attacked in York. Parker and her men were transported to a Chimera conversion center in the town of Grimsby when she encountered Sergeant Nathan Hale, the sole American survivor. In the days following, Hale assisted the British troops in retaking the country. Parker assisted in the evacuation of Southern Command while trying to keep morale high. Nathan saw a Chimeran Tower in London, and told the British that if they destroyed the Tower, they would destroy the Chimera. Hale managed to destroy the structure and was listed as Killed in Action by the U.S. government. Captain Parker and the rest of the British soldiers were amazed as the Chimera all died at once with the Tower's destruction.

The events of Resistance 2 reveal that Parker has been promoted to Colonel and is currently fighting a 3 front war in Europe (Spain, France and Poland) against the Chimera. Britain is occasionally attacked by Chimeran forces and has had to depend on American Spectar Teams to defend against the attacks.

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