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Racing Gears Advance is a fixed 3/4 viewpoint racer for the Gameboy Advance in the vein of the classic NES RC Pro Am, although it has more of an emphasis on combat than Rare's old game. It was developed by Orbital Media, who later went on to craft Scurge: Hive.

Racing Gears features a number of real-world car manufacturers like Dodge and Lotus, and despite the numerous shortcuts and weapon types the courses maintain a level of realism (at least in their locations). The singleplayer portion plays out in a similar way to the SNES racing game Rock 'n' Roll Racing, where you upgrade your car's speed, armor, or weapons between each race based on money acquired by placing in a podium position and by collecting money powerups along the track.

The game goes one step further by introducing tire types - racing, dirt, and snow tires of varying quality are available for purchase in order to give your vehicle an edge depending on the terrain type of each course. As almost every track consists of two or more materials, it often becomes a balancing act of choosing tire type relative to your base vehicle's strengths and your own driving style.

Powersliding is an important trick to learn in order to win at Racing Gear's races, and despite the fixed viewpoint the game's camera shifts ahead in order to give the player an idea of the upcoming turns.

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