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Radiant Historia recalls an era of JRPG history and rewrites it for a modern audience 1

It seems the modern venue for JRPGs is increasingly becoming the handheld arena, with studios creating compact adventures that don't necessarily require them to abandon strong narratives or striking artistic styles in order to tell the stories they wish to tell to the regrettably smaller audiences that still wish to hear them. The serendipitous result of this necessary technological scaling-back is that these RPGs have re-entered the 16/32-bit age during which they were at their most prominent a...

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Meat and potatoes 0

Given the amount of investment JRPGs generally require, and the fact that they can often rely extremely heavily on genre cliches, finding the right one to play can be a bit daunting. True to form, Radiant Historia isn’t going to light the genre afire with innovation, but it’s also executed much better than your average JRPG. If you find yourself in the mood for a great meat and potatoes JRPG, Radiant Historia just might fit the bill.Radiant Historia certainly isn’t immune to genre conventions, a...

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I Just Couldn't Keep Playing 0

By way of background, I've played JRPGs by the truckload since the original Final Fantasy. While a great JRPG is something I truly cherish, my attention span for mediocre RPGs has worn thin since I've played so many. I'm at a point in my life where I would love to have time to go back and replay Persona 4 or Final Fantasy VI with the limited time I have for games, so I don't have time to suffer through bad games.Bottom line, Radiant HIstoria just didn't hold my attention for longer than 5 hours....

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Solid, strategic, and well written 0

On its surface Radiant Historia looks like a typical Japanese RPG: the world is in peril, rival kingdoms battle over remaining territory, and you’re stuck in the middle of the conflict. Looks can be deceiving though, and this (one of the last RPGs made for the Nintendo DS) has a number of pleasant surprises. There are no random monsters, strategy and planning play a major role in battle, and the story is less linear than it initially appears. Most importantly Radiant Historia deals with the effe...

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A worthwhile journey 0

Time travel: headache inducing, full of paradoxes and generally built on a ridiculous foundation of words that were almost certainly made up on the spot. Radiant Historia takes those things and throws them out the window, settling for a quantum line of logic that goes something like this: Why? Because, that's why. Deal with it. And it works.Here is a story focused on two warring countries, set against the backdrop of a world that is slowly dying. Lush forests and grasslands are deteriorating, le...

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