3 hours into the game: Start again on a harder difficulty?

#1 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7788 posts) -

#2 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7788 posts) -

Oh crap, I left D. as an option.

Anyway, currently playing Rage on normal and I'm 3 hours in. Start again on a harder difficulty or keep playing? Everyone is saying it's too easy.


#3 Posted by Ghostiet (5596 posts) -

Do you think it's too easy?

#4 Posted by imsh_pl (3503 posts) -

It's only 3 hours, restart bro.

#5 Posted by Crash_Happy (766 posts) -

Brad suggested playing on Hard and he was gosh danged right. I was so glad I listened to him since usually I play on Normal since that should be what the dev's Normaly view as what a Normal player should experience, and I don't have time for Hard.

Rage is easy though and Hard was not really a challenge. Restart.

#6 Posted by ahoodedfigure (4553 posts) -

This from the company that brought us the Nightmare mode. Strange days.

#7 Posted by Mcfart (1853 posts) -

Play on Nightmare.

#8 Posted by HODGEY3000 (343 posts) -

you can change the difficulty in the options, you dont have to start a new game

#9 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7788 posts) -

@HODGEY3000 said:

you can change the difficulty in the options, you dont have to start a new game

Won't that effect the achievements I get such as finishing the game on ____ difficulty?

#10 Posted by easybeinggreen (20 posts) -

@ahoodedfigure: I laughed at that. OP: RESTART! Not to spoil anything but you will definitely appreciate a higher difficulty later on in the game....

#11 Posted by ABritishNerd (331 posts) -

Play on Nightmare.

Definetly, I'm a couple of hours in and haven't had any problems sofar.
#12 Posted by Jimbo (10215 posts) -

Started on Hard. It isn't particularly hard, or fun.

#13 Posted by leebmx (2330 posts) -

It's the easiest hard game i've ever played. The whole first disk I don't think I died.

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