Are there any items I should NOT sell

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I wanted to know if there where any items i should keep for a quest later on. Like the Crystals from the meteor. Should I keep them?  What about canned food? Stuff like that? Or is it just there to sell? 
Try not to give any spoilers. 

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If you look under the description it basically shows one of 3 things. What you can create with that item by having a picture of it or saying "recipe not known". If you can use this item lets say in combat it will have a hand, but if you can do nothing with it it will just have a $ sign. Hope this helps.
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Laughing Man's right, but I have read that the crystals are something that you can use for other things even though they have that $ sign.

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Supposedly, if you collect 20 Feltrite Crystals, you can trade them to Jacob in the Second Chance Bar in Wellsprings for an upgrade to speed up the defibrillator recharge.

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Lock Grinders have the $ next to them when selling. Be careful of that.

Also, sorry for the bump; I just got this game. XP

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