Awful, awful ending

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I am genuinely shocked at how awful the ending was. It happens so abruptly and the final segments before are easy as pie. Anyone else feel that id bit of way more than they could chew here?

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I haven't seen the ending, but considering their previous track record I'm not surprised that the ending (or story if you will) wasn't exactly great.

Now the part about them being easy as pie is a disappointment.

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You know, I was anticipating this game pretty highly; I preordered it four months ago, and I almost never preorder games at all, let alone that far in advance. But, RAGE was a game that I liked less and less the more I played it. The story is laughable, and the game is over just as it feels as it's beginning. I don't like some of the races ("rally" events are stupid), let alone some of the vehicle combat, or the plain shooting. Don't even get me started on the "DLC" that is The Sewers. Hell, I had to look online to figure out how to access it, and they're nothing special. This game feels like it's very little more than a tech demo.

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@Village_Guy said:

I haven't seen the ending, but considering their previous track record I'm not surprised that the ending (or story if you will) wasn't exactly great.

Now the part about them being easy as pie is a disappointment.

It's also very short.

The core FPS action in the game is really good IMO. Everything else is not. The problem is that there's a lot of "everything else".

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So I just finished beating Rage on hard difficulty level, and I gotta say...

*spoilers ahead*

I'm compelled to write a lengthy review of this game and I hope others that have played it as well will feel me on some of this game's baffling shortcomings.

What's strange about Rage is that in the beginning it really gives you the impression that you've got some really huge things you'll have to deal with and some crazy ass boss fights all along the way. But somehow toward the end, it's like the developers got cold feet and just kind of rushed the rest of it along to get it all done. Allow me to explain.

Not too far in the game once you get settled, you're given a quest to go into an abandoned part of the city overrun with mutants to retrieve an item that increases your chances of survival. The look of this abandoned city was amazing much like the rest of the game's locations. And once you really got inside the heart of your objective the combat starting getting pretty challenging as I was gradually introduced to some new monsters-some acid spewing varieties, a giant with a huge fuck off flamethrower, and a berserker type with a whipping sort of melee attack. And I was encountering all these new monsters within close proximity of each other and everything was just getting more and more exciting and visceral throughout the level. All in the meantime there is a inexplicably huge mutant wandering around the city that I'm only catching glimpses of (an obvious hint at a major boss battle coming up).

So I'm making my way through these more challenging and interesting monsters and I finally reach the boss level that is indeed that gigantic mutant. A rocket launcher is necessary here and it's provided to you right before the encounter. And there I was cornered in a building while this huge mutant is hurling blocks of cinder at me and trying to grab me from inside my part of the building. I'm dodging this thing, returning rockets at its weak spots, using my defibrilator, it was all really, really great. And so I finally defeat this thing and I'm like, "Wow, great boss battle! And yet so early in the game!" I'm thinking I got a lot to look forward to.

To those of you who've played Doom 3, you probably also fondly remember the frequent, albeit somewhat typical boss encounters in that game. I mean typical just in the sense though that you could sense them coming. You could tell when you were about to reach a new location and move on to a new environment. But no way in hell were you moving on before one of id's crazy ass monsters got in your way. The boss battles in Doom were daunting experiences but they were incredibly fun and challenging and were classic reminders that you were playing an action intensive FPS.

Well, unfortunately for Rage, after this huge boss fight early in the game, the level of excitement mostly went downhill from there. And don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I didn't still enjoy the fighting. But all I really got for the rest of the game were run of the mill bad guys who all went down really easy. Some were of the heavier variety with huge guns that just walked slowly toward you, others the light agile kind like the acrobatic mutants and bandits, and then just regular dudes shooting at me and taking cover.

So I kept playing side quests and main quests and always thinking of that boss battle back the abandoned city. Well for the rest of the game there's not another battle like that even coming close to it. Each mission would just end with me grabbing something and often coming back the way I came with a chance of fighting more regular guys. I couldn't believe how anticlimatic so much of it was. For instance...

There's a moment where you go into the Jackal's territory (one of the many bandit clans throughout the game). Sort of a weird stereotypical bunch of futuristic Native Americans, these guys were fairly tough in battle. Jumping around and throwing shit at me with exploding balloons and rolling inflammable barrels, yet still nothing I couldn't handle. But the whole time all I could think was, man, there must be some stereotypical chieftan guy I'm gonna have to fight through to get to my objective, per classic id and FPS design. This was also about 3/4 of the way finished with the game and I still hadn't experienced another gnarly boss battle. Nothing like back in the abandoned city. So alas, I reach my objective, some technological plot device, I grab it, and then take a shortcut back to the entrance of the level. And that was it.

This is how most missions played out in this game and I just couldn't believe how boring it was getting. Or actually, I could believe it cause I was quickly realizing there was nothing to look forward to in terms of combat anymore. And you really keep hoping it's coming cause the weapons you start collecting are getting more powerful as you go along. There's this recipe for making explosive buckshot that seriously kicks ass and you can easily make hundreds of these things, but none of it really mattered cause I was never in a situation again where I needed that kind of firepower. Most the time I'd use my pistol cause I kept thinking, "Gotta save that special ammo for the big boss fights and super hard areas..." But none of it ever came.

Another example is when you're in the Gearhead (another clan) territory on your way to activate another now seemingly arbitrary plot device. Throughout journeying through their lair, the leader of these guys in his hackneyed German accent is taunting you, telling you how you're gonna die and all that cliched crap. So I'm thinking, wow, I bet I'm gonna be fighting this guy at some point and he's gonna have all these machines and robot sentries and turrets and guards and it's gonna be really satisfying when I shut him up once and for all. Well, I did fight him...but was just him. By himself. In a room. And he had like a mini gun or a machine gun and he was a different color than the rest of the Gearheads, but that was all that distinguished him. No diabolical trappings, no theater or drama of any kind. Just him in a featureless room by himself.

Mission after mission was like this. And it actually just got worse as I got closer to the end of the game. Each mission where I was taking on the faceless oppressive Authority was shorter than and more anticlimactic than the last. No boss fights of any kind. Just more machine gun guys doing their same thing over and over which by now, despite how fun the combat is and the beautiful graphics of this game, really was quite stale. There was no variety at all. And all these moments that the game is supposed to be building up to had no tension in them whatsoever.

In Doom 3, there's really nothing sophisticated going on the its story. Demons from Hell invade, they want Earth, an you have to stop them. Despite this, however, even Doom 3 managed to create real tension and personal moments that made you care. Remember Sarge? The guy who was barking orders at you throughout the game and chastising you for taking your sweet time? And remember how you had a choice at one point to follow his orders and send the signal for help or to refuse to do it and side with Swann? Granted, your choice made no difference later on, but things were becoming personal now between you and Sarge. This guy who never really seemed to approve of you to begin with was royally pissed at you for disobeying him. And yeah, even that mattered little since he got turned into a monster and tried to kill you, but by the time you reach him in what was an awesome boss fight, you felt there was something more personal about it. You seemed to really want to kill this guy either to put him out of his misery or for just being a thankless jerk throughout the game. This tension, this conflict, all was managed throughout the game as a nice little personal story despite Doom 3 overall having little to no plot.

With this in mind I looked at Rage and asked myself how they managed to make me care as little as I did about anything and anyone. Even in Fallout 3 with it's boring main plotline managed to make you care a little bit about what was going on with the Enclave. Who was this President Eden, really? Were the Brotherhood of Steel any better than the Enclave? Who should I side with? Should I care about any of this at all? Granted, even Fallout 3 really had no alternate ending except for its lame canned cinematic ending based on your last minute decision. But for a game feeling so flat at the end, can anyone really say Rage felt any less flat and boring?

Even if the combat was really exciting way up to the end with some dramatically new monsters then it might have distracted me from the fact that I could care less about what I was doing there in their base. It was just the same run of the mill combat I had been experiencing all along with no new twists or gameplay mechanics. Just go from point A to point B, activate random piece of technology, and set an even in motion which the rest of the game did little to inform you about or give you a reason to care.

And what were the last things I was fighting up to the end? Robotically enhanced mutants. Sure, it was new once I got there. But there was nothing really interesting or new about it. They were just like mutants you fought before only now they fired energy weapons and still charged you. And all you had to do was hold out long enough (which even on Hard was super easy) until the machine you activated did its thing. And then that was it. No Cyberdemon-esque boss here to wrap things up. Just a bunch of light weight seemingly endless charging robot mutants.

You know how when you're playing a game that feels kind of short and you can sense the game coming to an end. This sense can bring about so many mixed feelings. If the game was too short, well, maybe it was an interesting journey to the end nonetheless. Well it wasn't really interesting at all. The story and total lack of antagonist simply made me not give a shit. Well if the journey wasn't that interesting, maybe at least the challenge of getting here made it all worth it. Not in this game. With all my overpowered weapons and vast amounts of ammo (both regular and special) it was as easy as buying a ton of grenades for cheap and just throwing them into the crowds over and over again.

Okay then, but the end cutscene was great, right? Right?? Well no. It was remarkably shrift and kind of boring. But it wouldn't have mattered if all those other things about making it to the end weren't so damn boring.

All this I'm saying has no bearing on the game's graphics and overall beautiful presentation. But it simply goes to show, yet again, graphics does not make the game, people. I'd even say I don't expect a sophisticated in depth story in a game like this. But since the combat go so repetitive and was never punctuated by a unique monster or any other kind of experience, I thought that maybe I could get something out of the narrative, but not really.

I did have some good times in the car though. Generally don't like racing games, but the vehicle combat reminded me of the good old days playing Twisted Metal. So I guess that was good.

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@siaynoq Was it necessary to write that much?
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Guess that depends on whether you're joking with me or actually being a troll.

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@siaynoq: That all sounds like a real bummer. I guess it's just evidence of what a game producer told me years ago while I was working as a tester on one of his games. In the average game, more work simply goes into the beginning than in the end, because by the time the latter parts of the game are being implemented and tweaked, there isn't as much time to work on them. Thus, recycled objectives, and a huge letdown following whatever big set pieces highlight the earlier portions. Sure, the final boss and the end cinematic and all that can still be great, but in between, there's a lot of fodder that just doesn't strike the same chord as those first few hours.

Note that this obviously doesn't describe all games, but there are unfortunately more than enough that fall into this trap to make it evident. It sounds like Rage was one of them.

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@siaynoq: For the record, you've written more than enough in this topic to create a review with. You could pretty much just copy and paste what you've already written, edit it down a tiny bit, and have a decent review.

But yeah, your write up is why I'm confused that Rage has been getting decent, if not amazing, review scores. Setting aside all the people going "I'm angry that Rage isn't Fallout/Borderlands", there's still the fact that the game sounds pretty boring in its mission structure from basically all accounts I've read. That should be a death knell for the game. I haven't played it myself, but if the best boss fight is in the middle of the game, and then everything after that is just more of the same and ends on a really weak note, that sounds to me like a poor game. Sure, the graphics and character animation are very good, but those are just trimmings.

Listening to Brad describe Rage during the Quick Look, in the review, and on the Bombcast just kinda felt awkward to me, because it sounded like he was trying to convince everyone else, and even himself, that it was a pretty awesome game, despite the game seeming quite ordinary. I mean, I don't think he bought into the hype in the same way that all the GB editors got crazy excited about L.A. Noire, but I still think Brad was overly positive about the game. I just got the impression that were it a game that didn't involve John Carmack and didn't have the id Software pedigree, it would've got something like 3 stars, for being a primarily singleplayer game that features a campaign with unmemorable characters and plot, and gameplay that doesn't build on itself and instead becomes monotonous.

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Am I the only one who saved up BFG ammo for a final boss and was surprised when it ended after those 3 waves?

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@SurferZ said:
Am I the only one who saved up BFG ammo for a final boss and was surprised when it ended after those 3 waves?
Did the same thing :)  
I was also very let down by the ending, it really did come out of nowhere. That being said, the story wasn't exactly spectacular, the gameplay is the attraction in Rage for me. 
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@SurferZ: @SurferZ said:

Am I the only one who saved up BFG ammo for a final boss and was surprised when it ended after those 3 waves?

Sure did, saved all the BFG ammo I came across and set aside all the rocket launcher ammo and sentry turrets in my inventory in anticipation of a final boss...that never happened.

Very disappointing ending. After being told over and over that the Authority were major bad guys, their "base of ultimate power" was nothing more than a small base containing a series of gated rooms with a set number of bad guys to defeat before moving to the next encounter.

The game peaked for me in the abandoned city and went rapidly downhill from there.

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Didn't read the whole thread, just not to spoil anything for myself, but couple of my friends who have already finished it, told me that the ending is the most disappointing part of the game.

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Piss poor ending, no variety, not enough crazy boss battles. id, my once great id, what has happened to you?

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Just felt really rushed after the end of the first disk. No bosses, barely any mission variety, and just plain short too.

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The ending was as bad as the whole story. No reason was really give as to why we were fight the "Authority" other than they were bad, bad how? Other than being rather rude when I walked up to them they did nothing to me oh and they made the mutants...possibly, although that wasn't really explained.

Did anyone find any of the sewers DLC? I went and played a bit and found a couple thanks to a guide, just 10 minutes of shooting mutants and some random loot.

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wow I just realised I never fired a single BFG shot, have no idea what it does or look like. Yeah the game is way too easy in my opinion, even on the harder difficoulties you can just go around with your fat mammas and oneshot normal dudes and like 2-5 shot heavier dudes.

Ending is wierd, its like half the length of normal story missions and has no bossfight, kinda felt unfinished to me.

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at the stop and go pace i'm having to deal with for this game i'll see the ending in 2012.

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This game has the worst ending of any game I have ever played. Though in reality, every ending sucks compared to that SNES power rangers game where the rangers drive off along the beach to sweet music.

I was doing the most mundane possible task and I got an achievement for it..when I checked it it said 'finished campaign on normal difficulty.' I have never been more baffled by the ending of a game.

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@siaynoq: I'm going to have to agree with you here. The game seems to want to build things up into a Boss battle. A classic formula indeed, working up the threat until the pay off of a final confrontation for that faction. As you say though despite looking like this it never actually does it. It makes for a slightly odd experience. Taken as a whole I still enjoyed the game and would still say it deserved decent scores.

@Beiken: The BFG was rubbish, I only fired one shot to test it and then waited to use the last ammo on head Authority guy.

Plus, many thanks to Brad for saying play it on hard. Usually I'd just play on normal but really this game isn't hard on hard.

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Its a good game, but there's almost no challenge in the gameplay. It constantly felt like i was just fighting the same enemy over and over again and wishing for an actual challenge. I was also conserving my ammo more then i wish, never using the BFG rounds, thinking i was going to need it for a boss fight or a stronger enemy. Even playing it on hard, i never felt challenged, the flow of the game is very inconsistent. It felt like the game was trying to built up into a Boss battle, not just the ending but throughout the entire game, and it never got there.

Overall i like the look of the game, shooting was good but no real challenge.

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Spolier*** The whole no boss battle and very easy and anti climatic ending was not even the biggest deal to me. What happened to your crew? What happened to everyone else? Would it have been so hard to at least give us a cinematic where they show us how this new world is? That was just absolutely terrible.

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The ending was certainly bad but what made it worse at least for me is the beginning of the level teases something much greater. You see a huge monolithic fortress from the outside and then the landing pad inside as if to show youll spend a while bobbing and weaving throughout the level dealing with all sorts of enemies. Yet all the level amounts to is a step back for id, after a game of relatively large firefighta, it jst condenses to a shitty corridor crawl.
Also, what the hell happened to the whole subplot of getting a means to save the mutants from the base. I felt like they built it up as if you were going to save them all, yet then just dropped. And again, the hell happened to General Cross or whatever his name was? I felt things were going to build up to a grand confrontation with the Authority leader, but nope, no such thing.
If it werent for the shit ending I would have thought the game incredible. Great gunplay, gourgeous graphics, an interesting world, pretty good driving (except for those damn cheap rallys), and a story that at least for me seemed damn good up to that last level. A shame it ended as it did.

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@MadLaughter said:

This game has the worst ending of any game I have ever played. Though in reality, every ending sucks compared to that SNES power rangers game where the rangers drive off along the beach to sweet music.

I agree 100%. Video game endings have all been disappointing since. I love the dancing!

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It's a good thing FPS stands for First Person Shooter and not First Person Story otherwise I would have been totally disappointed.

It's a good First Person Shooter...

Better than most.

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Quake 4 has a deeper story than Rage........sad really......

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@Franstone said:

It's a good thing FPS stands for First Person Shooter and not First Person Story otherwise I would have been totally disappointed.

It's a good First Person Shooter...

I disagree. I think the market for a game like Rage is quickly shrinking. I'm not even sure who the market is for this game, other than people who will buy it because it's an id game, and had a lot of hype behind it.

  1. If people want a game purely with awesome first-person shooter gameplay, but a light-to-nonexistent premise, those people gravitate to competitive online multiplayer shooters. Quake III, Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike, Battlefield, etc. I don't care how great the shooting feels, since shooting AI only stays interesting for so long.
  2. Or you can go the opposite direction and offer a story-focused FPS with lots of cool scripted moments, like Half-Life 1 and 2, Bioshock, Dead Space (close enough), Portal, etc., though this is becoming increasingly rare.
  3. Or you can find a middle ground, and offer something with a decent-but-sometimes-short singleplayer campaign that also has a fairly extensive competitive multiplayer, like Halo, Gears of War, Modern Warfare, etc.

But Rage is none of those. Much like in Doom 3, Rage's singleplayer is the main draw, with a multiplayer mode that isn't bad, but isn't very strong either. But its story and characters are far weaker than pretty much any of the games in category 2 and 3. So you're left with a PvE game where you get some weapons, then you shoot a bunch of dudes, but without a very engaging context to make it seem worth it.

I just don't think a game can get by anymore with "the shooting is really good". There's tons of games that manage to have "the shooting is really good AND there's a cool story" or "the shooting is really good AND it's really fun to play against other people". It's tolerable when smaller studios make budget-priced singleplayer games like Hard Reset or Serious Sam, but I don't see why people think it's enough for a full-priced game from a famous studio to get by with "the shooting is really good".

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@zeppelinracer said:

Piss poor ending, no variety, not enough crazy boss battles. id, my once great id, what has happened to you?

Yeh seriously.  I was expecting at least one more boss battle especially after just before you start the last mission you get warned by the resistance that there are super crazy giant mutants waiting for you.  The last level in most aspects was one of the easiet parts of the game.
It pains me to say this but this really disapointed me.  Just seemed like there was so much build up, especially with the boss half way through the story which gave me the impression that there would be at least another couple of really bad ass bosses that would require a certain attack plan.
ohhhhh ID what happend guys????
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This was a pathetic ending to an otherwise enjoyable game. I agree with zeppelinracer, the story definitely setup a battle with a big boss, I kept thinking an improved giant mutant similar to what you encounter in Dead City, but instead you got more of the same. More than that, the ending cinematic did not wrap up anything. Overall this was a fun game with great graphics (love 60 fps), but the story was mediocre at best. If the Id team can iron out the graphical issues in the id tech 5 engine that this game showed at launch, I can see this being used in a number of games to come, but a sequel is not necessary. Bring on Doom 4.

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Not reading this, but sorry to hear it. I'm enjoying the heck out Rage. I think I'm pretty far from the end, though.

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The worst part of Rage is that it simply wasn't very good. It reminded me a lot of Brutal Legend or the first Assassin's Creed. They built an amazing world with great atmosphere and then put nothing compelling or interesting in it.

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@BisonHero: It's for people who enjoy FPS games of course, except Rage had more to break up that FPS action that most FPS games soley rely on.

For people who don't whine, wwwahhhh there are just toooo many FPS games out there, of course there are, people like them, they sell, that's why they keep making them.

(I have plenty of non-FPS games by the way, you don't enjoy them as much anymore or are sick of them, don't buy them.)

Yea I respect id (as anyone should) and was excited to see what their new tech could do.

The AI and the animations/reactions to gunfire are the best I've seen in a long time. (Which totally adds a level of immersion.)

What was the last game you saw that enemies behaived like that?

Just as you were about to shoot they roll towards you and doge your bullets, or swing from something in the environment into a backflip making it that much harder to target them.

Or you miss a headshot/torso shot hitting their shoulder instead and see them react exactly how you would expect.

Great, Half-life 1 and 2, you're talking 7+ years ago, Dead Space was more atmospheric rather than having an engrossing story. (Monster closet design.)

I'll say nothing against Bioshock, but even that had issues, I talked to the designer about it actually (I worked for them once).

Portal? Are you serious? The cake was a lie? Is that your story? Sure it was a somewhat funny and quirky puzzle game set in first person.

I'm fine with the fact Rage has no deathmatch my friends, I haven't tried the car combat but I'm sure that has some fun waiting as well, at least it's different.

I'll be playing Battlefield 3 to scratch that itch (amongst MANY other titles), I don't need MP in every game, some are best w/out it.

I honestly can't even think of that last game I played that hit me as having a good story, or a damn movie for that matter...

The tech behind it can be pretty damn impressive (not perfect).

The gunplay, great.

Animations, above the norm. (esp reactions to the player)

Intense music throughout.

Powerful sound design.

Seperated by some car combat which isn't provided by most FPS games. (A breath of fresh air between shooting sections IMO.)

To each his own I guess...

I and plenty others who don't need to be jaded are enjoying it.

Edit: That's a retarded long reply, I'm drunk...

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@BisonHero: Yeah, you're right. The game stands totally by itself for valid criticism. And believe me when I say I don't think a FPS shooter has to have the greatest story with the most memorable characters at all. But where does it hurt to have that? How difficult is it too implement? I mean obviously the game wasn't just trying to cater to FPS fans only. They frequently boasted about a directed open world system with customization option for your gear. I could tell myself they were just trying to make a somewhat more in depth FPS shooter and that it shouldn't really be compared to an RPG, but what was this game then if it couldn't even fulfill some of the basic criteria of a satisfying FPS (or for an id FPS anyway).

That huge boss battle I was referring to is even less than halfway into the game. You really feel it's an awesome prelude of some of the shit you're gonna have to deal with ,of some of the grueling missions ahead of you where it makes sense that you have all that overpowered gear. But man, it just never happens! I literally was in shock when it was all over. But maybe I don't know what my expectations really were after all.

I'll write a more proper review next time I suppose. But what really got me going on all this WAS in fact the ending of the game to which I was originally trying to reply to.

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I don't know what's more awful. The ending itself, or people making sad long post trying to explain and excuse the bad ending.


#35 Posted by Shenanigans19 (67 posts) -

@SurferZ: I did the exact same thing, I never even fired off a BFG shot

I was expecting at least some type of boss fight. Instead nothing, there were previous missions that were harder. The entire last mission was pretty much a cakewalk. The best mission in the game was in dead city where you had several mini boss type mutants to kill along with that giant one. Probably the most challenging and rewarding mission in the game, and it happened early on it led me to believe I'd be seeing more of that.

#36 Posted by Bulby33 (649 posts) -

The worst part about the ending for me was...

1. It was ridiculously easy. I played the game from start to finish on hard mode and the ending level was still incredibly easy. Quite possibly the easiest part of the entire game.

2. No boss fight at the end. I was expecting a massive mutant boss or something but nope, I guess the Dead City boss was enough for id.

As the for the game in general I still thought it was pretty good. I liked the shooting as it felt nice and heavy. I didn't like how enemies took 100 shots to die, though. The quests, even if they were monotonous after having to go back to areas you've already completed, were fun. I liked shooting mutants in the face with my shotgun, or sicking my turret on a gang of enemies. The car combat was pretty fun, too, though I absolutely dread those Rally Races. What were they thinking with that bullshit?

#37 Posted by matthias2437 (992 posts) -

@SurferZ said:

Am I the only one who saved up BFG ammo for a final boss and was surprised when it ended after those 3 waves?

Yeah this is what I did. I was playing on the hardest mode, so I only shot one BFG round then figured I would save the rest for the final boss. Then killed wave after wave of enemies.... no boss. Kept killing. No boss still. Then end........ Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

(Side note: I spent about $2000 buying BFG round because I thought the end of the god damn game would actually be hard. I was disappoint.)

#38 Posted by Sawboss (97 posts) -

I just beat it a few minutes ago and the ending was very anti-climatic. Isn't it odd we never even saw this General Cross, the main bad guy? He was mentioned once. That said I think Brad's tagline for his review is dead on. It is fun to shoot stuff and does look good. I think 4 stars is exactly how to describe a game like this. 3 stars just seems too harsh for what is in the package.

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The end challenge is pretty great. Classic-ass shootout, constantly having to move around and manage the space of an entire battlefield. It's classic first-person shooter design. Absolutely awesome. 
Most of the complaints are pretty hilarious, especially considering that ninety-five percent of them have to do with the story. Rage isn't about a deep story. Hell, it's not even about a coherent story. All it is, is a post-apocalyptic sandbox with a very simple setup and premise. And honestly, have you been living under a rock that you don't understand the basic fundamentals of the post-apocalyptic story? Mutants, an authoritative faction that oppresses, a resistance faction that is resisting the authoritative faction. GO. It's not rocket science, people. It's simply a means for you to shoot the shit out of the awesome guns, and engage in awesomely-designed enemies. I'd much rather have awesome gunplay and combat than an over-ambitious story that doesn't deliver on anything, which most videogame stories are. 
Put a fucking sock in it, internet. You're not impressing anybody.

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I literally just finished this game on the 360, sure the ending came out of nowhere but I only used disc 1 and 2. What the hell is the third disc for?

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@JuggertrainUK said:

I literally just finished this game on the 360, sure the ending came out of nowhere but I only used disc 1 and 2. What the hell is the third disc for?


As for the ending, it did a good job setting up for a sequel (with all the arks coming up at once so that they can fight for the resistance). But it did this at the cost of tying up the first game in a nice, well put together way. I just thought it was an ok ending. I don't think it was awful though.

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I bought this game for 360. I really enjoyed it through disc 1, and was convinced it was almost as great as I anticipated it would be. I love the atmosphere, the combat was refined and the enemies behavior and animations were cooler than most that I've encountered in shooter games. Then disc 2 began... and the upsetting change of scenery pretty much was the first bummer. Followed by the story that still wasn't coming together, and the repetition that was taking shape. To further compound these problems, the end of the game was a total let down. The last 3 missions to me were let downs. When the credits rolled, I was blown away. There was no challenge, no major boss battle, and nothing of interest to close the game on except a brief (I mean brief. Like 1 minute flat) CG video vaguely showing you where things go next. For a game that started off as stellar, it was horribly upsetting to see it fall so flat in the final moments. I was ready to give it a 9 by the end of disc 1, because even though it did nothing special, it was a great combination of atmosphere and shooter action. By the time the credits rolled, it was a 7, I didn't care for trying multiplayer or co-op, and it got traded in to fund the purchase of BF3. Sorry Rage... things just went sour for us.

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