Can I Get a RAGE PC Refund?

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I just bought RAGE on disc at Fred Meyer, but they wouldn't take it back because of copyright issues. Can I get a refund on Steam for the disc version?

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@Sackmanjones: I can't stop laughing. Good fucking god.
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yeah. just tell them i said it was ok

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Why WOULD you be able to?

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@Sackmanjones: Bwahahaha.

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@BleedingStarX said:

Why WOULD you be able to?

Probably because it's a buggy piece of shit that barely works.

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@zoner: ahh well why didn't you say so? I'm sure Steam will return it straight away

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Sorry............I don't believe you can.

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@Trauma2007 said:

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Sorry............I don't believe you can.

This has some of the most frighting sounds I have ever heard. My god.
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I'll have to ask my manager.

She says no.

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These bananas I bought are getting bad. Do you think Steam will give me a refund for them?

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I have toothache. Do you think Steam will give me a refund?

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I got some old games for my sega here, I saw that they where on steam too. I wonder if I can get a refund for these because my sega no longer works so I cant play them?

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I'll actually take a minute to address this seriously. I can see from your post history that you've been having technical difficulties with Rage on PC. As frustrating as that is, basically no retailer will refund your money on an open game or movie. It's far too easy for people to exploit the system, and basically get free rentals by finishing a game, then walking back to the store to say it's defective. What most retailers will do, if you think the disc itself is defective, is to exchange the opened game for another copy of the same title.

Now, if the game just runs horribly on your computer and your drivers, that sucks but no one is on-the-hook to refund your purchase. While it may be fairly unplayable for you at the moment, there are people running Rage on their PC's with no (or few) problems. As the game is patched and/or modded over time, and you get better computer components, the game you have will become progressively more functional. Welcome to the world of PC gaming. It can be a pain in the ass. This is why some people abandoned the platform, and prefer the simplicity of playing on consoles.

As for Steam, c'mon man. Valve didn't develop Rage, Valve didn't sell that retail copy of Rage to you. They never got any of the money you'd like them to credit you.

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yeah if you show them a gun when you ask for the refund.

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Sure I have no problem with Steam just giving you money.

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This question has been answered NUMEROUS times...closing the topic to prevent another 20 people from saying "No" in various clever ways.


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