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I had the game on my wishlist hoping to pick it up when the price came down a little and I had more time. Having fired up the demo last night I am glad I did not pick this up in one of the black Friday deals. The demo completely turned my opinion of this game. I get that this is closer to borderlands than it is Doom but if you are going to put "from the makers of Doom" on your box then at least come out swinging in your demo. Yeah, I know it is only a demo and the game in its entirety is probably much better but this demo managed to put me off the game permanantly.

Instead, the demo opens to you being plopped into the center of very Borderlands-esque town with no real direction on what to do or what to go. WTF is there a map in this game even? So with no gun or anything in hand I wander around town for a while. I manage to find a few people to talk to - your standard NPC drivel and a few mini-games to play. I am now 10-15 minutes into the demo and the most 'action' I have seen was playing cards. WTF.

I come across a race crew - finally, something the game has touted as 'its thing". It appears my level only allows me to do a time trial event so I hop in a car and set off on three laps around the simple course. Not expecting an all out gun blazing epic chase for my first race but a circle....snooze. Not to mention the physics feel like I'm playing a FPS with a tacked on driving element. I'm not saying I need Dirt but at least try if you are going to make vehicles a major portion of you game.

Eventually I manage to find the Mayor who gives me a quest to find someone to get me new clothes. Funny, everyone seems to be worried how I am dressed but I can't tell at all since this is a FPS. It appears there are no mirrors in town either.

I finally make my way to a quest with some shooting. First thing I do is walk into a group of three bandits who quickly gun me down. It is late and the first action I've seen, the first chance I get to even pull the trigger and see how the FPS controls feel, I am outnumbered and dispatched of quickly. I Rage quit never to return.

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It said talk to the mayor. That is the first, second and third thing the demo tells you when you start it. How did you miss it? Sounds like you just got frustrated. I liked what I played though. But its not a game for me.

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I wish more games omitted minimaps.

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@Dany said:

It said talk to the mayor. That is the first, second and third thing the demo tells you when you start it. How did you miss it?

Cosign this.

@Lnin0: While I agree that the racing in the game was lacking and I would never want to do more of that than necessary, I thought the actual shooting was enjoyable. The moment to moment design of the level was pretty good (multi-level, open spaces and corridors with nooks to navigate in). The variety of enemy movements also kept me on my toes. Each engagement had a nice feel to it as well, with a good mix of long, medium, and close range enemies, each one pushing me to move in a different way. Ammo scarcity had a pressure that I don't usually get in modern games with guns, and I enjoyed it. The other trappings of the game felt like busy work that would irritate me at worst (having to build keys? really?), but if the price drops, I'd be interested in getting it; I'm hoping for a Steam slash this holiday.

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Yeah, I can't believe I didn't get it when I started, 'cause the first guy on the left of you once you start the demo points where you need to go, but I guess I didn't pay close enough attention to the environment, 'cause it took me about seven minutes and a race to figure out where the mayor was, but I mostly feel dumb for not knowing right off the bat since it was just to the right. Anyways, it was OK.

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