How to Fix RAGE on the PC?

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Hi, I was just wondering if there was any way to fix the texture pop-in and FPS issues with RAGE on the PC. I have an ATI graphics card, and I installed the new drivers. The drivers helped a little with my FPS and texture pop-in issue, but they're still relevant, and very annoying. I have a very high-end computer that can run just about any game (HP Pavillion Elite HTE).

Can anyone help? Thank you!

P.S. After a while of playing, the game brought me to the main menu saying that "RAGE has run out of memory". I then went back into the game. All of the textures were screwed up, and everything looked pixelated.

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This has details on how to fix the texture pop in. Link.

Sorry to hear it's not going well for you. Really good game brought down by the likes of this.

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Oh geez, I thought they had addressed this by now?

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@Subjugation: No, they haven't. It's still horrible, but the drivers help a little. I also can't take the disc back because of copyright. D:

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@mandude: ... I don't get it. Haha

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I got Rage for free during the Steam giveaway and when I played it there was no texture popping. So they did address it in one way or another. I am on an Nvidia card though.

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@iodeath: Sorry I have failed you then. :( What don't you get?

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@mandude: I don't get the whole config file thing. Is there a video tutorial or something? Or possibly I could contact you or something?

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@iodeath: I'll streamline it for you, but let me know if you're still having problems.

Open up Notepad, and paste the below code into it.

Name the file rageconfig.cfg

Move the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rage\base

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@mandude: There's no code.

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@iodeath: Haha, I guess I'm not allowed to post large chunks of text. Hang on, I'll PM you.

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