OpenGL is the problem

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For those wondering why Rage for the PC performs so badly with Nvidia cards, and is unplayable with most ATI cards...

The problem is Rage's new engine uses openGL. It seems like after all these years, id software still makes games that perform best using openGl.

The problem is, most graphic development over the last decade has mostly been for DirectX, not openGL.

id software put out a product, without first testing it and optimizing it for current video cards.

This is why they're blaming the driver developers, instead of taking responsibility for f&^king up.

Shame on John Carmack and shame on id software.

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Its because of easier compatibility with Linux and Mac, plus he hates Microsoft.

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OpenGL? Sweet. That means this game can have translucent water! Yay!

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Runs beautifully, and smooth as butter with a ghetto ATI radeon 4650.

I bet you haven't even played the game.

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Never had a hitch on my 570, don't see what all the fuss is about other than AMD driver issues, which seem pretty common to me.

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