RAGE DLC officially acknowledged; does anyone care?

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I still haven't even played the base game...

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I thought RAGE was pretty poor. No interest in this whatsoever.

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I actually thought RAGE was a little underrated. It doesn't do anything all that special, but it looks great and has very solid shooter gameplay. In a lot of ways, it felt like a smart evolution and modernization of the old school id gameplay.

However, having said that, I'll probably not bother going back to play this DLC.

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@rebgav said:

I will buy this and I will play it.

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RAGE was a really underrated game, and I had a ton of fun S-Ranking it when it was released. I understand why some didn't enjoy it (I seem to remember it being extremely buggy, especially on the PC), and I think expectations were higher than what the game offered. I played the game with almost zero expectations and I had a great time. Sadly, my game is sold today (played the X360 version back then), so I'll be missing out on this DLC. Unless I some day decide to get the Steam version, which is not entirely impossible during the upcoming winter sale.

EDIT: On-topic, I think it's very odd they decide to release DLC for this game now, more than a year after the original release, and I can't imagine the player base is very active today.

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@Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 said:

@rebgav said:

I will buy this and I will play it.

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It doesn't sound bad, it lets you keep playing after the end and there's some new stuff, also it's only 5 dollars. I'm still not going to buy it, I liked RAGE, but I played I haven't touched it since I beat and see no point in going back.

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I don't have enough time to play the games I have, so probably never going to play Rage. Sorry id Software...

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@rebgav said:

I will buy this and I will play it.

Especially since I grabbed the entire base game for 4.99 as well :)

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No longer have the game so wont buy it, but I really enjoyed Rage for what it was. Solid, fun, well-made shooter. No complaints.

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I played singleplayer Rage for like 2 hours or so and got bored, on top of that it kept breaking in silly ways. So meh.

The co-op missions were alright, but we only played like half of the existing ones, so I wouldn't play them if they released more.

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Everything id does these days is akin to a crazy 'Nam veteran.

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Rage is kinda bad, and very dissapointting.

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I bought for five bucks and barely played it, it was just so boring.

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Well, rage is such a tough one. It came out BUSTED day 1 on the pc. Within a weeks time it was all fine though. Ended up renting and beating the ps3 version from redbox, waiting for the pc to get patched. Actually is one of, if not the best, playing shooter on the system. Controls felt nice. Its one of the few games on ps3 that run at 60fps.

Eh. I don't even have the base game installed. DLC for the game should be free. At least the first piece. Just to drag your players back in.

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If only the megatextures technology would properly work on my AMD-centric PC, then I'd maybe care. I enjoyed RAGE outside of the technical issues.

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Lovely looking game (the engine really is quite spectacular tbh), and the combat wasn't half bad but it suffered from essentially being 'Fallout-lite' Vs a full on RPG style experience. I got quite a way into it and enjoyed the combat, but there wasn't enough there to keep me gripped Vs moving onto newer titles at the end of the day.

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Great for RAGE fans. Can't say I ever played the game, nor will I ever by the DLC, but I'm happy for fans of the game.

So maybe they're going ahead with a sequel to RAGE? From what reviews I read, the game ends on a bummer of a cliff-hanger, so if they release a sequel (and it turns out to be good) I might pick up RAGE one day.

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I'm about half-way through RAGE, so yes. Not really sure why the condescension was needed in the title...

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Other than the car combat stuff I very much enjoyed Rage. So I will probably get this.

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Rage was the biggest disappointment of my life. This news is fantastic for the Rage fans out there, both of them must be really happy but no... the rest of us don't give a fuck.

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Rage Graphics + Skyrim Ideas = Happiness?

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For $5, I'm in. Enjoyed the game quite a bit in spite of itself, wouldn't mind spending a little more time in that world.

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It's never too late to give people who liked your game a reason to go back to it.

That said, it's probably assets from a sequel that ended up getting canned due to missed sales targets. Not that I didn't like Rage just fine. I thought the environments and even some of the gameplay was better than Borderlands 2 even if the rest wasn't.

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I kind of wish there was Infinite Wingsticks DLC. They may be cheap, but I don't know, they just amused me so much.

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Still need to play the base game. Just waiting for it to get cheaper.

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Jon fucking goodman

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Can I just get a better texture pack for PC? Carmack has that laying somewhere.

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I'll probably pick it up eventually. I thought Rage was pretty disappointing but I still enjoyed it for what it was. It just had all these systems that weren't deep enough and didn't come together in any kind of meaningful or interesting way. It also had what is maybe the shittiest ending I've ever seen in a game. It was still a beautiful game and the gunplay is among the best around. At the very least, I'm interested to see exactly what this DLC is and why they chose to release it now. $5 is a more than fair asking price.

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Rage is just not very good. The shooting and animations are tight. Every single other thing encompassing that game was a bummer. I guess if all you care about is good shooting, Rage has got your back, but I want more out of my games.

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I need to finish the base game, I personally found Rage very dull though so I may not continue it, but to each his own. I will not buy this.

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Thought RAGE was super mediocre, so couldn't care less.

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Rage lol.

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I'll pass. Couldn't even finish the main game because I thought it was just so boring.

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Rage was the most fun I had with a shooter in a long time. I would have been willing to pay for this, but I've moved on to other games now.

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I liked Rage a good bit but can't see myself completing it again for one piece of DLC.

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I heard there was issues with ATI cards for this game on PC, have they been resolved or are they still around?

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I got through the first disc and loved it, but didn't want to move on til I completed everything in the first hub.  And I just... I dunno, didn't.  I should!  Along with not being a wuss and finishing Doom BFG.
Had a hell of a time with the co-op, though.  More Legends of the Wasteland stuff would be great.  That game's fantastic on the hardest difficulty and having a buddy there made the combat even more dynamic.

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I'm sure someone does. I don't.

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I thought Rage was pretty fun (although the ending was about as anti-climactic as they come) but will I go back and play the DLC? Probably not.

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Um... I had to double check this wasn't an old post and now that I know its not that makes this really really weird.... like why now? Nobody gives any amount of fucks about this game at this point.

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One thing after Fallout3 & some other games that this obviously didn't pay attention to was putting the DLC about a year after the game came out will get a few people interested in it but there's a lot of people including myself that played the hell out of this game & put it away (or traded it in to places like gamestop), never to bother with the DLC. Too bad as it looks interesting but too late to get a bunch of money back on it.

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I picked it up on the cheap - played about two hours of it and not sure I want to go back.

The trouble is the gameplay doesn't do anything special (like say a Far Cry 3) to compensate for a pretty underwhelming narrative (the story and delivery is pretty flat)..

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I'm really excited that they finally released some dlc for the game. I s-ranked it last year and honestly have been looking for an excuse to go back to it again since it was probably my favorite game of 2011. I have to imagine that the dlc got pushed to the side after the poor sales of the base game which is why it is so late after release. For $5 I don't see how you can go wrong here, but maybe that's because I think the game is incredibly underrated.

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Got Rage for 10 bucks on Cyber Monday, and I have enjoyed it so far. So yeah, if I end up finishing the game and enjoying it, I care that there's a bit of DLC out there.

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I played through the game twice last year, barely missing the 100% achievement because of one missable card. This new content seems like just the thing to make a final playthrough less frustrating, redeem my S-Rank and get to seem some cool shit along the way. 
Look, I know Rage is kind of disjointed and padded out. Some people hate the megatextures. I get all that. 
It's also the epitome of Id's design philosophy, which basically deals exclusively with the feel of gunplay, enemy AI and encounter design, and surface-level aesthetics that serve only to be awesome. So the ending is very flat and rushed and the game has no character arc (if you'll pardon the pun) whatsoever. I was never expecting that, really. The story and characters are just fluff for the action. It's a very 90s feeling game in that sense. But it's such delicious fluff! The character and world designs are vastly underrated. The megatextures facilitate a style that deals more with the realization of concept art on a wider scale instead of minute texture detail when you've got your face up against the wall. That would be a problem in, say, BioShock, but not here. The 60 FPS is delicious and really showed me what I was missing, as a console gamer. The feel of the combat, the behaviour of the enemy AI and the superb art direction combined to really impress me. That doesn't excuse the vaguely redundant overworld, the okay-but-why-is-it-here buggy racing...however systems like wingsticks, crafting and the defibrillator worked like a charm.  
I seriously feel like there is just a zeitgeist of unjustified Rage hate. I'd be the first to admit that yes, the game is flawed. It does however contain amazing elements, and the filler isn't too much to deal with between the actual levels. Hubs were gorgeous and the NPCs, while superfluous, were brilliantly designed and animated. The point being; Rage gets flak for just being the best of Id Software, and not simultaneously nailing Bethesda's wheelhouse. Ridiculous. I don't care if it was poorly marketed either. I judge the experience of playing on it's own merit, not by my (or the PR department's) preconceived notions of what it should be. 
Edit: Also it has the dopest loading screens of the generation. Dat art style!

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