Well....I just beat RAGE... (spoilers)

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And I'll start off by saying that I 100%, LOVED this game.

I had a blast playing through everything and took my time with the entire experience.

I finished everything in the game that you possibly could, besides nightmare mode and a few of the online bits, but other than that...almost a 100% complete.

BUT, to my surprise and original doubt, the dreaded ending came to....

Like really? What were they trying to prove here? Ok so more ARK's came up, but that doesn't mean they're going to join the resistance and lastly, the ending fight was so weak it was unbearable.

I put up 2 sentry bots and just went to work, I never even had a chance to use my BFG rounds because there was nothing WORTHY of them through out the entire fight!

I have no idea what id has up their sleeves for RAGE 2, but they better wrap the entire story up neatly, or come out with some kind of DLC that is about the ARKS and make the 2nd game all about the final fight.

Lastly, if we don't get RAGE 2, I'm going to kill somebody, or if I have to wait 5+ years to get it, I'm going to also kill somebody.

PLEASE "id" and "Bethseda" don't do us, the fans, wrong like this again!

Now I'm off to go play Arkham City. booya

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I found the ending to Rage super weird, It seemed like it was just about to kick into high gear and then it was over. I'd also love to see Rage 2 as well!

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The ending is like 7 seconds long. This is the cheapest way to finish the game, anyway, the plot is so thin that I didn't even care about the ending at all and it didn't surprise me much.

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I just now finished Rage. To put it into perspective, I didn't do much of the racing, and I am going to go back for that. I did all the side missions I believe, and about 5 or 6 Mutant smash TV's, to the point I got tired of that. But the racing is fun as a thing to itself, and I am going to do more.

All I can say was this game was fun and dumb. the real problem, reflected in the ending, was that on hard, it was just too easy. Way too easy. What did I need the BFG for? All I needed was the pistol and the shotgun, and the special ammo. And if I found this game too much of a slide on hard, and I know I am only a decent gamer, what about others? Oh sure, the shooting was fun, that didn't really get boring. But if I died, it was mostly because I was careless.

What gets me is that I heard about Rage and Heard about Rage and heard about Rage, and my expectations were soooooo high. All I can say is I cannot find it in myself to be pissed, because ,well, it was fun... And held my interest, for the average time it lasted. But wow, well, on to the next game.(except back for more of that racing)

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OP, I could have written your post, that is how succinctly you said exactly what I was thinking about RAGE. Just beat it today, and I swear I was watching the short ending video thinking, okay, this is about to start some whole other part of the game. Then the credits roll! Argh!

Other than that, I don't know if this is nitpicking, but did the textures load like crap for anyone else? Every time I'd swing my field of view the textures would slowly load on all surfaces... Odd.

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Yeah the textures start popping in everytime you change your view. It's normal. I just made it to Subway town and have been holding off from getting to this dreadful ending I've been hearing so much about. Overall I've enjoyed the game I just don't want to have that enjoyment ruined when the credits roll because the last taste is the one I will remember.

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I thought rage was pretty cool and I also beat it on Nightmare on my first playthrough

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I heard the ending was bad and just assumed it was silly forum kids raging. Well... Wow.

It felt like sex without the orgasm I guess. All that lead up and then "LOLNOBRAH-ITS OVER".

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I spent 15hours doing everything in the game and the most disappointing thing was the ending. What the hell! So short it's not even funny.

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A lot of games have bad endings.

Not a lot of games have bad endings AND non-existent last battles/boss fights.

I did really like how that last area looked. Kind of like a preview of how Doom 4 could look with the RAGE engine.

I doubt we'll see RAGE 2, this was more of a "figure out the tech" game.

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@SpudBug: All the interviews have pointed to RAGE 2. They said they want it to be a franchise. Although, there have been rumours about Doom 4 being postponed, so if that turns out to be true, maybe not...

I'd never expect a meaningful story from id. We're just friends with benefits.

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I also loved the game, and found the ending quite boring and easy. I was playing on Hard, and I was surprised at how easy it was. I never got any chance to use the BFG, Pulse rounds work wonders. No Cyber-Demon like mutant to tell me Im gonna screw you many times. In fact, I ended up using more the Pop Rockets (can you think of an even better name? Not? I thought so).

In the end, I loved Rage. Loved the Tech 5 engine that powered it, and kind of like what they said at Eurogamer. Its just plain fun when you fire. It made FPSs fun again. It mixes the good old 90's humour with 2011s gameplay. And considering that before the merging with Bethesda, id was calling this a tech demo, its one of the best tech demos ever.

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@themangalist: Altho it summed up pretty much what I felt about rage , a well balanced game that just leaves a meh taste :/ how unfortunate

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Yeah that ending sure sucks but it's not as if the story was particularly deep or even engaging & by the end I was kinda just happy for it all to be over. Rage looks great & has a fun shotgun to play with but aside from that I really didn't care for much else in it.

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i think they where just plugging along with development when one of them looked at their watch and went OH FUCK! times up! And so thats how we get the ending.

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I was suprised they didnt have the Authority overrun the Haggar town and kill everyone to make you hate them. Also i dont understand what they were trying to do with launching all the vaults. They are releasing a bunch of unarmed people into a hostile environment. What do they hope will happen if someone isnt there to secure those people right away?

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It looked fantastic but I only think the action really got going in certain sections. Technically it was superb as well, with the guns feeling weighty with meaty reports and the framerate great 60fps. However the ending, and the ploting and writing in general just made me think off a super-geeky, really talented bunch of programmers who were ace at making the technical side of games but had never read a book in their lives.

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@eastcoasteric: I recently beat it myself. I had the same feeling, at the last fight I never thought that was the last fight. I thought after that I'd get the boss or another set or rooms or just something else. It seemed rushed to me.

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