What if Rage had Interstate '76 vehicle combat?

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I just played through Rage, and each time I was going through the vehicle sections I just couldn't help but think of Interstate '76. I didn't find the vehicle combat in Rage satisfying at all, it's just too arcadey. If you had the load-out, vital weapon selection, armor distribution and salvage of Interstate '76 it could have made the vehicle sections something to look forward too, instead of something to skip over. Just wondering if anyone else was thinking the same thing.

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What if RAGE had been a game that actually illustrated the long years worth of work that was put into it?



Nah, just kidding, it was an alright game.

Meanwhile, before this thread I'd never even heard of Interstate '76.

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Then it would still have been an average FPS with not very good shooting.

#4 Posted by jakob187 (22370 posts) -

The better question is this: what if Rage had been Interstate '76? O_O

The answer is: that would've been fucking awesome.

#5 Posted by Helios1337 (346 posts) -

@jakob187: "Never get out of the car" and cut out all the FPS parts? haha

#6 Posted by Zelyre (1413 posts) -

I'd rather have a new Interstate game. Interstate... 99?

Though, it'd end up being a first person shooter with third person shooter, cover based elements.

Oh, and on-rail car scenes.

#7 Posted by Helios1337 (346 posts) -

@believer258: It's available at GOG and be sure to grab the updated launcher from the forums. Even with the 3D acceleration mode turned on, brace yourself for 3D graphics from 1997 and CG movies where the mouths aren't animated. But it's still fun. 3D acceleration vs the software mode sure does help though.

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