What you didn't you like about Rage?

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#1 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7199 posts) -

I thought Rage was generally liked but I noticed it hasn't been put on nearly anyones GOTY list, not even at number 10. I'm not expecting it to beat out the other great games that came out this year but it seems as no one is even considering it for any spot on their list.

It's actually been the opposite, topping peoples ''games you regret purchasing'' list. I found that strange since after playing Rage I found it to be a game that has great shooting mechanics, a good selection of weapons (and you could hold all of them at once) and a pretty fun racing section. Not only that, but even though Rage is mostly a linear shooter outside of the games ''hub world'' I think it was good to see a game that allowed you to use different ways to take out enemies with different gadgets, ammo etc to mix up the fun, unlike other FPS in which you can only shoot one type of bullet and that's it.

It isn't a perfect game but it is a fun one that doesn't get too dry thanks to different ways to kill enemies and great shooting. The game also looks amazing along with the character animations.

So tell me, did you like Rage? If not, why not?


#2 Posted by bibamatt (1092 posts) -

I liked Rage. I think it's a really good game. But, to me, there were a lot of EXCELLENT releases this year, so it hasn't quite made my top 10.

I guess that playing Rage, I quickly tired of the environment, having already spent a LOT of time in both Borderlands and Fallout 3/NV. And, unlike those games, I found Rage to be fairly humourless and dry. Like I say though, I did really like Rage. Not surprised to see it missing out on GOTY lists, though.

There were also those tech problems on the PC, which may have lead to some regret...

#3 Posted by ds8k (414 posts) -

I played 30 minutes of Rage, during which I experienced poor performance, ugly textures, poor level design and terrible shooting. I did not like Rage.

#4 Posted by faizjuma (11 posts) -

It is good game, thank you for reminding me. So many games came out this quarter year been finding it hard to find time to bounce around them. Just realized I havent even beat it, think ill turn it on after this post. Your right its not gonna win game of the year but not sure why anyone would have anything it against it. I bought it for pc and initially was some serious texture pop up issue but they quickly fixed it with a batch then i finally got to play the game undistracted and i liked it. Reminds me of borderland as in regards to theres a main quest line but you can still sandbox around doing side quests and such. And of course how you move around in an armed dune buggie, but thats pretty much where the similarities end. This game I have to say is one the sweetest looking games in terms of graphics since battlefield 3. Just something about the color palette they chose. And yes its got some pretty interesting weapons and enough of them that keeps each battle interesting. AI is pretty solid in the game too, there not mindless drones intentionally coming out of cover to allow you to get a headshot on them. I think they just released the game at the wrong time, oct 4 was after gears 3 before battlfield 3 and although all there games are different, they still carry the same prize range 60-70 CAD lol not sure what its in USD. And in the end for most gamers its down to what they can afford, sometimes sacrifices must be made

#5 Posted by jetsetwillie (857 posts) -

you have to remember everything these days is either WOOOO!!!! AMAZING 10/10 GOTY!!!! or PIECEOFFFUCKINSHITSUCKS 1/10 WORSTGAMEEVA!!!

most people have no middle ground. a game can't be just ok or good or not bad.

Rage was a good game not great but good.

#6 Posted by bananaz (262 posts) -

I loved Rage, but there wasn't enough of it. More specifically, there wasn't enough shooting or new environments. There was a lot of padding. Granted, none of it was bad. It just could have been longer, I guess. Also, that ending and the last level were disappointing.

Also, the Authority was poorly presented and never felt like a real threat to me. The bandit gangs were far more threatening. I devastated the Authority. They never lived up to their reputation. There could have been a story beat where they do something big and impressive. They just seemed like cops to me.

#7 Posted by Hector (3382 posts) -

Rage was alright game. I thought it was going to somewhat non-linear but that wasn't the case.

#8 Posted by Getz (3219 posts) -

The core gameplay is impeccable, and a good counter-point to COD's "here is your gun, don't bother picking up any others because they're all pretty much the same" style. I think the problem is that the production is stretched a little thin. You've got all this money and development time going in to VO, the new engine, writing (not one of id's strong suits), and other ancillary features that people may not be looking for in the first place. id wanted to be counted among the AAA and they spent a lot of time on polish but came out with slightly above average results. RAGE is merely good, and sometimes that's worse than being bad.

#9 Edited by Blackout0189 (7 posts) -

I feel that the actual killing of enemies isn't satisfying in the slightest, I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything when I shoot and kill. There is no 'kick'.

Maybe I didn't like it because I put so many hours into Borderlands, and the two games are so similar. I think Borderlands is so much better, though.

#10 Posted by cheapandtacky (131 posts) -

@NekuSakuraba: The ending, such a massive anti-climax.

#11 Posted by Revan_NL (347 posts) -

The shooting in Rage was pretty good, the main reason I didn't like the game was this: in Fallout 3 (different kind of game, same setting) the game does a great job of establishing where you're from and eventually, what the outside world is like and why. In Rage, you wake up in an Ark, run outside, find a dude, shoot a bunch of other dudes, do some chores for the first dude, find more dudes, do more chores and shoot more dudes or shoot more mutants. I do not know why I am shooting these dudes, other then because some guy told me so or because the mutants are ugly. There is mention of some Authority, but why you should hate these guys isn't really explained (not in the first couple of hours anyway). In terms of story, even Doom 3 does a better job of setting things up. You're a Marine on Mars, there's something weird going on, then a portal to hell opens and now you have to close that portal. Simple enough, but effective.

#12 Posted by Fjordson (2441 posts) -

Anything even remotely related to the fiction of the world and the game's story was utter shit in my opinion. The world was incredibly drab and boring, none of the characters were fleshed out in any sort of meaningful way, and the ending was terrible. Like seriously, the ending was offensively bad.

I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic settings, but I didn't find RAGE's setting to be at all interesting. And when I thought they might stumble upon something with some neat context or backstory (like the Dead City) it ended up being fairly generic and remained unexplained. The one environment that I did think was sort of cool was Subway Town, but we didn't really get much insight into the place. Was just another dull hub with people ready to give you another fetch quest. Same goes for the enemies and the Authority. bananaz hit the nail on the head as far as them never really feeling like an actual threat.

I did like some of the weapons, and the combat was pretty good, though it got repetitive for me. I could just be bored of linear shooters. That's more of a personal thing rather than an actual fault with the game, but I was pretty sick of the actual shooting by the end of it because it just felt like an endless stream of corridors. Also, I didn't really like the driving. Wasn't a big fan of the way the vehicles handled (neither the ATV thing or the dune buggy-esque cars).

I can see why some people loved it, but it was mediocre at best for me.

#13 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11569 posts) -

I really like it. Admittedly between college and other games I've only actually played it for about two hours (blame Batman and Skyward Sword), but I'm definitely looking forward to going back and playing it some more. After Zelda. And maybe after Uncharted 3. But definitely before Assassin's Creed Revelations and Skyrim (still waiting for more patches there, I probably should not have bought the PS3 version, but too late!).

#14 Edited by dekkadekkadekka (746 posts) -

Weapon variety doesn't mean shit if the path is the same and you have no traversal options. It was alright, but it was very telling that right before you go off to do the final mission you are given a win button in the form of the BFG.

I tried to not use that gun at all, but combat got tedious without it, which suggests to me that during that whole final mission no-one bothered to do any kind of balancing at all, and threw that gun in as a "fix."

#15 Edited by Tennmuerti (8175 posts) -

It had excellent systems but it failed to use them properly.

  • I loved the shooting, the guns felt amazing, but you never got into tough firefights, there were never interesting shootouts or scenarious. I had all these cool toys that never got fully used. Example, you had explosive little cars but outside of the mission you got them in and a secret area there was again no use for them.
  • I fucking looooooved the car design (mad max meets death race) and the feel of the driving. But you never got to do anything significant in the cars, just a few repetitive races.
  • The guns had an upgrade system, but it was again underused, neither fully needed nor fleshed out, too few upgrades, too samy.
  • It had a potential quest system and a potential for a nice open world, but boiled down to a simple corridor shooter.
  • The game looked great from a distance, but up close everything was uuuuugly.
  • Last mission, ugh...
#16 Posted by MideonNViscera (2252 posts) -

I fired up the demo and said "Eh, Borderlands" and then deleted it, knowing full well it's probably nothing like Borderlands.

#17 Posted by geirr (2788 posts) -

I played it or an hour and didn't like anything about it so there's that.

#18 Posted by VisariLoyalist (3003 posts) -

I guess I never gave it a chance, it was either that or deus ex at the time I was considering buying it.

#19 Edited by EdIsCool (1122 posts) -

Rage is pretty terrible in that its really,really uninteresting. The shooting is good, the driving is fun until it becomes completely unbalanced. The campaign completely fails to disquise the fetch questy nature of shooters. Its just a highly admirable achievement in engine programming with an average shooter bolted on. 6.5-7 out of ten. It has no place on a GOTY list.

EDIT- Also textures were borked for a long time and ID didnt handle the PR side of that well at all , PC version exposed no advanced video settings.

#20 Posted by captain_clayman (3329 posts) -

-texture pop in 
-kinda boring played  out setting.  not their fault, i mean they started working on it like 5 years ago. 
-i think everyone thought it was gonna be more open world, and longer than it was.

#21 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1020 posts) -

It was insanely boring. Bad fetch quest, terrible world design (seriously, it looks EXACTLY like Borderlands) and in all honesty, it felt like a watered-down version of Borderlands.

If it was just level-to-level instead of masking the open world, I might have liked it better. The AI on the enemies was great, but that was about it. The story and everything else was just generic and boring.

I got to the part where you get the upgrade to the defibrillator and had to stop.

#22 Edited by wjb (1730 posts) -

I just finished it a couple of days ago and felt very lukewarm to the entire experience. It's beautiful and the gun-play was satisfying, obviously coming from id, but it could've excelled in a more traditional, linear first-person-shooter style of gameplay. The open world (or not so open world), mission/objective format has certain expectations that Rage clearly didn't meet. Missions were boring, and the side-quests were mostly "go back to that one place you've already been to, kill a bunch of guys, and retrieve some MacGuffin-like object you don't care about to get some upgrade you technically don't need".

Plus the game just kind of ended. I know id was never known for their story-telling, but the endgame was totally uneventful and felt rushed. I had no understanding of what the Authority were, and characters like the mayor of Subway Town just disappeared once the Authority had a stronger presence there. Plus the "Resistance" consisted of like, four people, and naturally, they made you do all the work. I had no overall sense of what was going on around me, basically.

Also, no check-point system, and that pop-up...

#23 Posted by NipCrip66 (128 posts) -

I loved the graphics & animation in Rage. The shooting was fun. The environments were gorgeous. I also liked the rudimentary crafting system and the driving wasn't bad. But that game lacked substance. It was a bunch of mini-quests with no real meat on the bones and then had such an appalling anti-climactic ending that there is no way I could put it in a GOTY list. And don't get me started on the fact that, once the final quest was activated, you couldn't do any of the side-quests/mini-games.

#24 Posted by Milkman (17588 posts) -

It was horribly boring and nothing happened ever. Maybe I'll finish it one day but I only made it about 5 hours in.

#25 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5162 posts) -

It was a great shooter but it didn't really did anything else good. The world is boring, the story is terrible and the levels get too repetitive.

#26 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1539 posts) -

There really wasn't anything I liked about it. Everything had flaws and the game play felt so dated. In 2009, it might of had a chance but in 2011, it was crap.

#27 Posted by adoggz (2046 posts) -

I didn't like the horrendous checkpointing system it used.

The driving parts were unnecessary and kinda not fun to control.

Oh, and the part where it was a blah shooter wasn't that great ether.

#28 Posted by oobs (343 posts) -

i have only just got the game..pretty much agree with adoggz on the matter of the driving..and having to save not knowing where you can get a checkpoint is abit tiresome...also cant believe what you have to go through to get a few car parts...

#29 Posted by Heltom92 (717 posts) -

I only played about 3 hours of it, but those 3 hours were just so... boring. It felt like a chore just to play the game.

#31 Posted by Brians (1465 posts) -

Not Enough Goodman!!

#32 Posted by Wasara88 (332 posts) -

I have played about 2 hours and i have to say i'm enjoying it. I think the main reason for rages poor success is that a lot of people were expecting a different kinda game and the settings just so played out.

But for me not every game has to be revolutionary in it's gameplay or setting, i mean i like originality but good shooting mechanics are good shooting mechanics and as a fan of the genre i can't say no to that.

Also really fun enemy variation and nice weapons/gadgets to mess around with

#33 Posted by Deranged (1859 posts) -

The game looked and played excellently but the story and environment never drew me in.

#34 Posted by Stete (748 posts) -

The tech behind it did offer some unique features, but gameplay-wise there was absolutely nothing interesting about it, and the story elements are not even remotely interesting to make you keep you playing the game.

#35 Edited by Korolev (1744 posts) -

It isn't game of the year for a number of reasons:

1) PC users are usually fans of id games. This one was pretty busted on launch for the PC.

2) It spent so long in development, that a lot of its revolutionary ideas became stale when the game was released. RAGE initially began development in 2004 - that's why Apophis (the asteroid) was used as the "doomsday" plot device, because in 2004 NASA still calculated that Apophis had a good probability of entering our system, slamming partway into the moon and then careening into Earth (they later recalculated it has (at most) a millions to one odds of doing this, effectively negating it as a threat). Imagine if RAGE had been released in 2006 or 2007 - it would be phenomenal. It was, instead, released in 2011 - after Fallout 3, after Enslaved, after a good number of post-apocalyptic games had already been released. There are better shooters, better stories, and even in many ways better graphics.

3) It feels generic. I'm sorry, but it does. It boils down to "SHOOT GUYS". Don't get me wrong - "SHOOOOOOOOOOOT-GUUUYS!" is a perfectly good type of game. I love shooting guys in the face with bullets! Not real guys and not real bullets, but shooter games are fun and I play the hell out of shooters. But RAGE seemed to promise more than that: it seemed to promise an open world, interesting setting, and truly next-gen visuals, animation and art. It gave us pretty damn good animation.... but the rest of the stuff didn't get delivered. The graphics are nice... but BF3 has better graphics. The Open World is a joke compared to Fallout 3. It doesn't deliver on its interesting setting, by barely giving you a plot or any meaningful development. Also, for a game that spent so long in development, it felt a little short and the story goes nowhere. In fact, the story feels half-told, with the developers saving the other half of the plot for a sequel.

In short, it feels like it came out 3 to 4 years too late.

#36 Posted by kingzetta (4307 posts) -

Well people hated it because it was just "Fallout with good shooting". Then it turned out to not even be that, so people hated it more.

#37 Posted by mandude (2666 posts) -

I don't think the comparison to Borderlands is fair, since it was announced months before Borderlands was. Sure, you can say you were tired of the theme by the time RAGE came out, but it's not fair to say it was bad design.

Borderlands was complete and utter shite, anyway. You shoot the same palette swapped bad guy over and over with the same palette swapped gun, and when you're finally ready for the climax, the game tells you it already blew its load half an hour ago and is now going to sleep.

#38 Posted by cosi83 (427 posts) -

The ending, tired setting, driving

The action was immense at times

#39 Posted by TentPole (1858 posts) -

Loved it. Shooting and driving are both great. Ending sucks.

#40 Posted by fitzcarraldo (157 posts) -

I just finished it today. I had a good couple of sessions in the middle of the game where I genuinely enjoyed playing it, but they didn't last long. Enemy animations are good but the missions get really repetitive, driving is pretty distinctly not fun, and the weapons don't really balance. By the end, I found myself using "Fat Mommas" to one-hit everybody while the ak-whatever was useless for most of the game. Also, although the game looks great, the only thing you can interact with in the environment is catfood, "a Wasteland delicacy." Everything else is completely static. Even the bullet holes in the wall are half-assed.

But holy crap the worst part - as I believe a few people have mentioned - is the ending. No Goodman, no boss, it was the same damn mission I just did a thousand times! I literally had to reload my last save to fire the dumb gun they give you because I never had reason to use it during my first playthrough. Huge disappointment.

Ooooooooooh yeah, and I really didn't like the UI.

#41 Posted by fitzcarraldo (157 posts) -

@faizjuma said:

It is good game, thank you for reminding me. So many games came out this quarter year been finding it hard to find time to bounce around them. Just realized I havent even beat it, think ill turn it on after this post.

I hope you didn't, the ending will ruin it for you..... Did you finish it?

#42 Edited by Seppli (10250 posts) -

Other than the poor optimization for AMD GPUs?

  • I find the driving physics to be somewhat flat. Expected something with more believable weighty physics. A stronger simulation aspect. It's fun for what it is. So arcade, it's almost Mario Kart.
  • The whole car combat/open world part isn't as organically interwoven with the core of the game experience as I hoped for. I kinda hoped for a more RPGish feel for the world. Sadly, it's more like a tacked on minigame to a great corridor shooter with a solid crafting system and fun gunplay & gadgets.

Not yet done with the game yet, but the story is definitely nothing to write home about. I like the personality of the gameworld though. Feels so Texan.

#43 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

I thought the shooting was awful.

#44 Posted by TentPole (1858 posts) -

@Unknown_Pleasures said:

I thought the shooting was awful.

You are a crazy person.

I liked everything but the ending.

#45 Edited by Seppli (10250 posts) -

@Unknown_Pleasures said:

I thought the shooting was awful.

Standard deviation from the first shot on. It takes some getting used to. I'm okay with the concept though.

There's a reason why many designers opt for the 'no deviation on the first shot out of ADS, or even from the hip'-design. It feels right to hit what you aim at. Standard deviation does not guarantee success on successful execution. That feels off.

The guns and ammo types and gadgets are indubitably awesome though.

#46 Posted by Ketchupp (669 posts) -

I hated the quest system because I don't like running back and forth for stupid reasons.

#47 Posted by Seppli (10250 posts) -

Just finished up my playthrough earlier today. Let's just say they handed me a BFG. In anticipation of fighting THE BIG BAD at the end of the final tunnel, I kept it in my backpocket... the game ended before I shot a single bullet from that gun.

In other words, there wasn't a single moment in the final level worthy of pulling out my BFG. Pop Rockets and Wingsticks - how's that for a finale?

The 'Bad Endings 2011/2012' conspiracy... what's it even about?

#48 Posted by Demonik3478 (1 posts) -

I really liked the way the game was set up to be honest. It had a lot of potential and a lot of build up to the end, which there was no end. The quests seemed to be fairly simple and there were a few challenges which was nice. If there would have been an actual ending then the game would have been so much better. Even adding an end boss. It was just too simple.

I did a review on it myself. - www.dartfeld.com

#49 Posted by AnxiousTube (199 posts) -

I personally loved the combat, but the overused areas were really annoying. I liked where the story was going but by the end, I just was pissed; it was a horrible f*ing ending: I expected so much more from it. The vehicle combat was okay; however, I didn't really think it was necessary to the game. If they took more time making more interesting areas to explore rather than just a large area, that is essentially unused, they could've had a much more open and exciting world. With more side stories, that could've been actually interesting, I could've forgiven the main story, but it was all too linear. I thought the graphics and art style were great. Yeah the pop-ins were a bit annoying, but I could forgive it; nothing is perfect.

#50 Edited by Yummylee (22746 posts) -

Having finally decided to play through it recently, I agree with a lot of the negative sentiments in here. Mind-numbingly boring 'plot'. I honestly don't even really know what I'm doing here or why, besides just to fetch stuff for people because... because? Too little John Goodman as well, that definitely soured what little story and character they had going in the middle. The animations are at least nicely detailed and fluid, but the lack of personality that encases pretty much everything to do with the writing still makes standing there listening to people prattle on incredibly dull. Watching mutants clamber about is still fun, though

And the one aspect that is meant to draw so much praise, being the shooting, I'm really not finding to be all too engaging, either. The guns feel kinda weak, especially the shotgun. Sure, there are a lot of weapons here and the varying ammunition types is a neat mechanic, but I'm still not particularly enjoying the shooting so much anymore. The driving is OK, if a lot more loose and arcade-y than I was expecting. The vehicular combat is pretty sucky, however, as are the races. But the game does run super nice on my ps3, though. Too bad it's at the cost of some hilariously recurring pop-in.

Overall it's all just so terribly bland and flat. It would have been better suited as a straight-cut linear shooter frankly, since the open-world only adds to the increasing tedium of doing boring fetch quests for people I could not care less about for reasons I can't often even remember. Hearing about its long development cycle could definitely have something to do with its somewhat middling reception, though I haven't even played Fallout 3. Put in many a hour into Borderlands mind you... Regardless of its unlucky developing pains, I doubt I would have held it in such high regard even had it been released a few years earlier. I don't play a lot of FPS' or anything, so I'm not completely burned out on this sort of game, but the shooting just never meshed for me; I feel like I'm being too harsh, as I do think the shooting is still alright. It's just not nearly as great as I was expecting judging by Brad's compliments. And without that all of the other faults become much more pronounced. I'm sure I'll complete it (looking forward to this ending I've read so much about...), but it's already turning into a slog at what I think is the half-way point, having just joined The Resistance... talk about originality.

Also how the Hell could something like a creepy gameshow centring around you killing mutants be so fucking dull??? Jeez, I was really excited when I was heading to do that Mutant Bash thing, and was then supremely disappointed at how little character it has. The announcer's lines in particular were so bland and pedestrian.

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