shinjiex's Rage (PlayStation 3) review

RAGE A Beautiful Game

Rage is the latest IP from Id Software in nearly a decade sporting there new graphic engine Id Tech 5

Published by Bethesda of the popular Elder Scrolls & Fallout games

Rage is the best looking game to date as well a game that will push your PC hard

so keep in mind on what version you buy the 360 being 3 disk as opposed to PS3 being 1 disk

The game play brings nothing new to the table don't expect a cinematic epic story master piece

or clever new game play mechanics

But where Rage shines is the feel of shooting guns which is very solid and rewarding against the enemy AI that is smart enough to react to the situation at hand

which only makes since from the guys who made the first popular series of FPS games Doom & Quake

The Good +

Beautiful graphics

Solid gun play

Enemy AI is smart!

Vehicle driving controls work surprisingly very well especially when it comes to the Multiplayer side of things

Co-Op Mode is a nice bonus to play with a friend or others online or split-screen

The Bad -

Story is fairly loose an forgettable not note worthy

No FPS Competitive Multiplayer

Some texture lagging issues

Posted by Reznov

nice review. shoemakers review was just a 12 paragraph advertisment

Posted by kingofpeanuts

Please use proper punctuation in your next review.

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