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Fun to Play, Until It's Suddenly Over

I'm one of those people that can turn on a game if the ending is terrible. Same for movies. If it's good for the first 80% and then just falls apart, I'm going to look back and hate the whole experience.

I don't hate Rage, partly because the story was never engaging to begin with. But it looks great, and I for one really had a lot of fun with the shooting and the simple crafting system. Shooting shit in Rage is a lot of fun.

And then it just sort of ends. Poof. It's over in a flash.

Vague Spoilers:

The last level was a breeze. I never even got a chance to use the BFG alternate fire mode on the new weapon they give you for the last level. There's no epic final battle worth talking about, and then just a quick cut scene and boom, done. That would be forgivable if they booted me back out into the world and let me explore more, but no, it's just over. Load an old save if you want that.

In essence, the campaign feels unfinished, leaving every plot thread dangling and offering no real sense of accomplishment. I had a good 13 hours of fun, and then it was all over. I certainly don't regret playing it, but it's hard to recommend it with much enthusiasm.


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