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Are you angry? Time to go play some Rage.

     Rage is a first person shooter. It is NOT an rpg, if you are looking for an rpg stop reading now because this is not what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a great looking first person shooter with fantastic shooting and pretty impressive A.I, Rage is all the rage (I apologize in advance).
     Rage takes place in some future year 100 years later after some other future year, that is kind of as specific as it gets. In fact, Rage kinda has little to no story at all.  All you need to know is people need killin and you are good at that. Basically, earth has been destroyed by a massive asteroid and you and some other people have taken refuge inside these underground pods called arks.  Why were you and all these people picked to survive this apocalypse? Who freakin knows.  Anyway, you wake up like I said around 100 years later and things have changed, like a lot.  From here you continue you on your quest to kill mutants and bandits and the wanna be government enforcers, the Authority.  Overall, the story is NOT why you should get this game, its there just enough to make it worth continuing (and if you don't want to there is a slew of side mission and mini games). 

     However, if there is one thing you should come to Rage for, its gotta be the gunplay/gadgets.  I cannot stress enough how perfect the shooting feels in this game.  This is also credit to the fantastic A.I.  Every bullet that strikes your foe has a realistic impact, that is if you can hit your acrobatic enemies.  Mutants will run at you with no care of pain, they will flip over tables and bounce off walls just to reach you faster and tear you to pieces.  Authority troops will use flanking attempts and take cover behind other troops with energy shields.  The A.I is truly fun to play against.  Gadgets also make things much more interesting.  Feel outnumbered? Toss down one of your spider bots to help you out. Got mutants up the ass? Toss out a wingstick to chop off some heads.  Overall, the action is very frantic and that makes it exciting.  The driving is pretty well done, and the car combat is also pretty entertaining but overall I just kinda skipped this stuff during my playthrough. I should also point out that Rage is a semi open world game.  It is open only in a way of driving to each objective to be led inside for another shootout sequence.  I stress again, FIRST PERSON SHOOTER.
You sometimes get overwhelmed by the number of enemies

   Technically, Rage is a fantastic looking game, and when you add that 60 frames its really a sight to see.  There is quite a bit of texture pop in but I have heard about a patch coming to fix most of that.  Animation looks great and characters that aren't exactly interesting are kinda fun to watch and just see how they move.  Enough has been said about the graphics of this game so I'm not gonna spend much time explaining much more than what I just said. 
    Multiplayer wise I wasn't very interested in any of it at all.  The legends of the wasteland stuff seemed pretty cool by tieing it into the single player sorta but as for the car combat I just didn't feel it.  I stuck to this game as a single player experience only.
OVERALL:  Rage is a fantastic FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. If you are coming into this as a light rpg ( maybe like an ME2) you are gravely mistaken.  If you are looking for a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER with very exciting sequences and near perfect combat, Rage is a game I would highly recommend
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My second review, hope you enjoy!

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