shadow71's Rage (Xbox 360) review

Very under appreciated game

Despite the fact that RAGE isn't throwing a +100 points notification in your face every time you shoot an enemy there is still a lot of game here. The combat missions in the game are for the most part simplistic linear shootouts that are maybe at times a little too reminiscent of Doom 3, but they aren't the only thing RAGE has to offer.

The towns in the game offer a variety of mini games, races, and side missions...which are in my opinion greater than the sum of their parts. On top of the side missions the game also has a tool construction system, and ammo purchase allowing you some freedom to choose the way you want to play. You may not have an "engineer" title, but the game offers you the freedom to spend more of your resources on shotguns and supplies to built turrets. I found myself experimenting with all the different tools and tackling each mission's combat differently every time.

And in case it gets overlooked, the game looks stunning, still probably one of the best looking games I've seen on the console...ever.

This is basically a run of the mill shooter trapped inside an RPG world; a combination of great in your face combat...but with a really good amount of freedom and variety to make it one of the most enjoyable games of this generation for me.

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