Do Coilguns count?

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The Halo games have Gauss cannons mounted on Warthogs and MAC guns mounted on spaceships, both of which are technically coilguns rather than railguns but function under the same concept and belong to the same family of mass accelerator weapons.  Since so many games feature railguns and so few feature coilguns (and not many people would really be concerned by the distinction) would it be appropriate to list other types of mass accelerator weapons under the railgun page, such as those features in the Halo series, and in Mass Effect?
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No coilguns (or gauss rifles) work on a different principal and should have a seperate page. S.T.A.L.K.E.R also has a gauss rifle yet someone added that here, so I guess people are ignoring the difference anyway. 

Its up to you.

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