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So, about 3 hours into the game I'm running into "Ooooh, that's good to know" things and also "How the hell does that work?" things as well as "Why would this work like this?" questions.

Thought this might be a nice enough place to bundle that kind of stuff.


In battle mode enemies don't seem to move over loot bags making for some nice tactics and making some fights a helluva lot easier

Inventory space can be embiggened by buying new bags at vendors


The equip/compare screen doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense to me. When equipping armor for instance it only seems to list current stats and stats when not equipping that item. No stats to quickly see if an item is better/worse than currently equipped item. What am I missing?

What do the useable little animals do like little panda, small stork etc. Are those attribute modification permanent or temporary? My guess is permanent?

Stackable items are no-go I guess?


Camera system in combat when up against nearest wall.

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Good idea for a thread.

ANSWER: I'm 99% sure the little animals are permanent stat increases. I think it says that in the item descriptions, which are confusingly right at the top of the screen.

I'm not in front of the game right now, but I haven't noticed having any trouble determining if a new piece of equipment is better than what I've currently got equipped. I feel like I remember seeing the usual "stats go green if the thing improves them, red if the thing makes them worse" type system.

Loving the game so far, though I do agree about the walls getting in the way a bit when fighting in an indoor environment!

TIP: Apparently you get more and better drops from the loot bags if you pick them up during battle. You'll still get something for them if you don't pick them up though. From what I can tell, this does seem to be the case - I've definitely gotten better loot by picking stuff up during the fight. If you want to take advantage of the previous tip about leaving bags on the battlefield to give you a tactical advantage, just leave them all until there's only one enemy left, then go around and scoop them all up before defeating that last bad guy.

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I'm also really liking the game, very suprised. I suppose a small tip would be don't be afraid to use points from the blue bar, because getting them restored is very easy and cheap.

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@iseemonsters: Yup, there's a NPC that tells you about the loot drop system. You get more and rarer items from collecting in battle.

@Hizang: Spamming your magic whenever you get the chance makes it stronger too. The level cap for everything seems to be 999 so don't be silly and try to max out the magic light spell or anything.

Kill enemies on Moon day for double pearls.

Investigate wells at night. Some have hidden walls.

Early on farm golems for the cracked gem drops. These give your equipment the sniper attribute that doubles your luck stat (critical strike rate).

Try and push the story up to the first main town. The marshlands near here have easy battles against Gelatins that can drop huge amounts of pearls, great for farming.

Use the booster items in difficult battles. Four game hours in the overworld is not as long as you'd think.

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This is a great idea for a thread, and although I have nothing to contribute, you all have helped me out in all sorts of ways. Very cool game!

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I'm about 14 hours in at this point, and the only thing I haven't seen mentioned yet (and which I was confused about for a while) was what the Skill Points do that you get when you level up. Those are used for equipping passive skills, which you can't buy from the scroll merchants until a while into the game. I really recommend the skill that gives 20% attack boost for each character standing next to you.
I actually didn't realize picking up the loot bags got you better stuff, so thanks for the tip. Most of the time I left those on the ground to get in the way of the enemies. And I just figured out what the "Sniper" attribute did last night, for the longest time I was wondering why my archer's luck stat was so damn high.

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Is anyone else doing a Hard and Start with Nothing run? It has been a lot of fun.

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@Fillem: Also, if you want more specifics on a weapon comparison, hit Triangle when you have the item selected in the Equip screen. It will show the stats of the current weapon above the new weapon.

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@gouldgonewild: I've been enjoying a Hard with Nothing to Start run so far. It feels like it's probably taking twice as long to progress because I am grinding a lot more, but I think I'm enjoying the nostalgic feeling of always just barely being high enough level. I feel like most RPGs these days let you overlevel very quickly and then it's all simple from that point on. But that could change. After twenty hours I might start to curse this difficulty level.

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Does anyone know what the bonus for starting without any gear is? I just went for it because I know I can handle it.

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If you look up on the very top of your screen it will tell you what those little animals do. Also if you just go to the equip screen and select a slot and hover over a new item it will show green for increases and red for decreases.

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Starting with no gear gets you 750 coins several hours in once you hit Odad (sp) - side quest reward

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