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I shall make this clear right now, this is not gonna be a Final Fantasy Tactics killer in any way but what you get is still a very good piece of entertainment.

It was many years since I personally played a tactis based j-rpg that was this fun. Its huge, it looks neat, music that makes you keep the beet with your foot at times. Story wise its nothing to brag about but it does its thing and frankly I got so much fun just exploring this world so I don't bother at all with the story. I help out in all the countless of side-quest that can be very funny indeed. Collect 5 mushrooms to someone, find a missing person to another and so on some funny named enemies will be mett aswell, my personal favourite so far has to be "GM food fan"! If GM food gonna make us look like them, I'm sure GM food has to be very bad! And its cheap too so considering what you get for about 105SKR (Swedish krona) its really nothing to hesitate about if you like tactics j-rpg.

It also comes with a nice piece of trophy list, 51 in total (Platinum incl.) for those that enjoyes chasing that.

Highly recommended.

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