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Raine is the older sister of Genis and like Genis a Half Elf who ran away from the discrimination that took place when the townspeople figured out that they were Half Elves. Raine is a very smart person and was specifically brought on the Journey of World Regeneration to translate old descriptions on the walls of the various seals area. Raine also unlike most of the ground cooks terrible food which can be seen in various skits that come about throughout the world. Raine is very passionate about her work and does not like to be interrupted or made fun of when looking at various new things, she is also gains a title called Archeological Mania.

In Battle

Raine is probably the MUST...MUST HAVE in the group by time you fight the Angel in the Tower of Salvation. She is the main healer of the group and seriously...unless you're using a cheat of any need her in your party to be able to heal you constantly. Her main weapon of choice is a staff and as I said her main magic is healing healing and MORE healing. Raine is able to heal the whole party all at once during late in the game as well as upgrading people's attacks and defences and taking away immobilizing effects that a character might have such as poison or paralyzation. Raine's late game healing is no matter what amazing, being able to heal the whole group for over 2k health is a great asset to the party. For Raine, just keep her MP steady and if she's low, give her a orange or better gell to get her MP back up because most of the time the monsters usually attack melee characters. With the addition of healing spells, Raine also supports light attack spells such as Ray, which can be used to make a ultimate technique with Genis called Primsim Stars.

Raine gets along well with everyone in the group and doesn't get mad whatsoever even if Lloyd rushes into things too quickly. She believes in what he wants to do to make Humans Elves and Half Elves all equal. Raine was also the first to hold suspicion about Kratos as well as being the only one in the end to know what would happen to Colette once she got to The Tower of Salvation.

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