New Rambo the video game trailer

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So uh, there was this "Cinematic teaser" released on youtube today and it shows quite little of the game. I guess there is not much of the game yet so they chose some random clips from the movies. That is the only way this makes sense to me, otherwise... wtf?!

Anyone excited to see what this game actually is about? I am not having high hopes based on this "Cinematic Teaser".

EDIT: If nothing else, the clips they showed made me want to rewatch the rambo movies.

#2 Posted by Sackmanjones (4767 posts) -

Those graphics are incredible. Next Gen I assume?

#3 Posted by falserelic (5407 posts) -

What in the shiznet?

#4 Posted by Artigkar (189 posts) -

@Sackmanjones said:

Those graphics are incredible. Next Gen I assume?

Clearly Next Gen!

#5 Posted by GunstarRed (5542 posts) -

Yeah! I don't give a fuck about the game, but that trailer totally made me want to watch Rambo 2 again.

#6 Posted by believer258 (12308 posts) -

CoD clone comments incoming!

#7 Posted by Harpell (183 posts) -

You know, this was based on First Blood Part 1, and had you running around in mountainous forest trying to evade and trap over zealous small town cops, that would be a game I'd be super interested in. I don't think this will be very good though.

#8 Posted by Maajin (1098 posts) -

Year of the bow.

#9 Posted by Dixego (389 posts) -

What the hell?

#10 Posted by Sackmanjones (4767 posts) -

Honestly a Rambo game could have potential. Rey could set it up in a Hitman eque way of making traps and hiding in walls of mud. Buuut we all know that is NOT gonnna happen

#11 Posted by CptBedlam (4462 posts) -

@believer258 said:

CoD clone comments incoming!

If only... it's going to be a rail-shooter (official description: "fixed perspective").

#12 Posted by believer258 (12308 posts) -

@CptBedlam said:

@believer258 said:

CoD clone comments incoming!

If only... it's going to be a rail-shooter (official description: "fixed perspective").

So something akin to this?

#13 Posted by President_Barackbar (3480 posts) -

@believer258: That Rambo light gun game was ALRIGHT by me. It wasn't high art, but then again this is Rambo we're talking about.

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it's fps with fixed perspective. that does not sound too good to me. hoped for something the likes of MGS3 :'(

#15 Posted by buzz_killington (3532 posts) -

Dude, I just watched First Blood today. What a fucking movie. And I kept thinking "This should be a game". It would make an amazing game. Too bad they're fucking it up.

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