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"Rambo" is a light gun shooter for based on the Lindbergh Arcade board. The game lets you re-enact the action scenes from First Blood part II and Rambo II, footage of First Blood is also used but only for the purpose of premise.


The goal in Rambo is to kill everything that stands in front of you, some enemies will appear with a timer above their heads meaning that they have to be shot as fast as possible.
The game also has grenades that are thrown by pressing the button that is on the side of the light gun. When you shoot down enemies a bar at the bottom left hand corner fills up, once it is at "MAX" you can activate a temporary boost by pressing the grenade button. When in this mode your bullets will hurt the enemies even more and you will no longer have to reload all this while John Rambo is screaming "AARRRGGGGGGGGGGG" and that the Rambo theme song is playing simultaneously.

The Arcade cabinet

The arcade cabinet contains a Lindbergh Arcade board and has a 62inch high-def screen. The two guns used for the game are modelled after Ingram MAC-10 submachine guns.

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