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Ran carries around an enormous purse with a gigantic money symbol imprinted on it where she stores all her money. She has very sharp wit and is able to identify any opportunity to siphon money from the guys. She will first appear friendly and offers help, then when her customer accepts it, she stamps a price tag on it.

Ran is very easy-going and is comfortable talking to people. Kazushi thought nothing of it but Ran revealed that she had feelings for him since the first day they met. Initially, Kazushi assumed it was a joke because she could say it so easily but she appeared to be more serious as time goes by.


Ran the money girl

Kazushi first met Ran when he was being chased by a sign post. She offered to help Kazushi get on to the tree she was sitting on to get out of the way of the sign post. Ran then lands on the sign post and damaged it, which enraged it. Kazushi then jumped down to run away with her, then he threw it off a bridge. He fell off the bridge too due to the momentum but he managed to land safely.

Ran offered the guys to peek into the girls' dormitory for a hefty fee. She brought them to Mei's room where she was sleeping. Mei then woke up and checked herself out in the mirror. Ran was upset when the guys were completely enthralled by Mei but she also felt a tinge of jealousy of Mei's figure.

Ran revealed that she has no interest in learning alchemy. Her interest only lie in using alchemy to turn lead into gold and make money off it. Mei explained that that form of alchemy is very difficult to practice. Ran also has very little patience in conducting alchemy procedures.

During a weekend, Ran decided to bring Kazushi to peep at Sakura and Rin in the public bath. They overheard their opinion on boys. Ran displayed a strange interest in the girls. When Sakura voiced her interest in Kazushi, Ran decided to reveal that they were peeping. The girls screamed but later forgave Kazushi. They blamed Ran because they believed that Kazushi wouldn't have done it himself.

One day, Kazushi discovered that he lost his wallet. Ran heard him and then pulled him out of the class to look for it. They found the wallet in the incinerator and she fished out the wallet with her bare hands. She was then admitted to the nurse's office. Ran explained that she had lost her purse at a carnival when she was younger. She left her parents looked for her purse but to no avail. Ran found a coin instead. From then on, she learned the importance of keeping her money safe and developed her obsession for money.

On Ran's path, she asks to borrow a million yen from Kazushi. She did not explain why but lowered it to 100,000. Kazushi asked his friends for help to raise that amount of money, and they grew suspicious of Ran's request. The group managed to raise 100,000 yen for Ran and passed it to her. Kazushi returned home to sell his father's motorcycle for a million yen and passed it to her.

The fairy

Appo- and Hu-sen managed to produce silver from their alchemy experiment. Ran was then charged with the desire to produce gold. Ran teamed with Kazushi and spent the next day in the alchemy laboratory. Kazushi and Ran caused a strange phenomenon where Ran was confronted by a fairy that offered a choice between a gold Kazushi or a silver Kazushi. Ran chose the gold Kazushi out of greed then realized that it was the wrong choice. The fairy then punished her by making her bankrupt.

Ran then decided to find the Noblemen's Stone to make all her money back. Ran and Kazushi explored the caves of the island and found the stone and the Principal's ritual room. She was confronted by the fairy again, and managed to make the right choice. The room caved in and they managed to escape. Ran then learned that her relationship with Kazushi was more important than money.

Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia

On Sakura's path, Ran made a bet that Kazushi would win against Sakura in their game. Later, she noticed that Sakura's tactics proved to be somewhat effective against Kazushi and she decided to blackmail Sakura. Her plan was foiled by Kazushi and Sakura.

Eventually, Kazushi managed to win their game and Ran was happy to profit from it, stating that she had always trusted that Kazushi would win.

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