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Ran is a kitsune, and the shikigami of Yukari Yakumo. She has nine tails, which is the highest number of tails a kitsune can have, indicating just how powerful and experienced she is, as kitsune are said to grow one tail every hundred years, up to a maximum of nine. She visits the Netherworld every year, just when the cherry blossoms are ready to bloom, for some flower viewing.

During the Extra Stage of Perfect Cherry Blossom, Ran was preparing a banquet for Yukari (who was asleep, as usual), when she heard that her own shikigami, Chen, had been defeated by the heroine, which angered her. After being defeated, she appears during the Phantasm Stage to prevent the heroine from reaching Yukari, however, she is soundly defeated.

She has yellow eyes and golden-brown hair, and she wears a blue and white outfit, as well as a pink two-tailed hat with many amulets on it. She has fox ears (which are hidden under her hat), as well as nine fox tails.


  • The characters for "Yakumo" literally mean "eight clouds", while "Ran" translates to "Indigo", as the Yakumo family are named after colours.
  • Apparently, Ran is not her real name, but a name given to her by Yukari. Her real name is unknown.
  • Despite the fact that Ran has only appeared in two games as a boss, and has never been a playable character, she is a popular character amongst Touhou fans.
  • In fan comics, Ran is often portrayed as a motherly figure, especially towards Chen.
  • Ran is also portrayed as Yukari's "voice of reason".

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