Announcement on Game Informer Website This Morning...

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Pitchford popped up on Twitter saying that we'll want to check out the Game Informer website at some point this morning for an announcement, that we'd be very interested in what it is. 
Mine is the release date for Duke Nukem Forever.  However, there are also those beta keys through Borderlands and such that we haven't heard much about.  Beyond that, there could be a DLC announcement for Borderlands...maybe?  Other than that, Borderlands 2 seems like the only other thing.  I doubt they are going to say "we're porting Halo Reach to PC" or "new Brothers In Arms".

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@jakob187: Final Fantasy VII remake, clearly.
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@AlisterCat said:
" @jakob187: Final Fantasy VII remake, clearly. "
Gearbox would do a better job at that than Square-Enix would these days. 
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Duke Nukem Forever has been officially canned?

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@bukkookkub said:

" Duke Nukem Forever has been officially canned? boooooo "

Oh God.  I can't even imagine the amount of rage that would come about if Pitchford said "we've cancelled Duke Nukem Forever". 
@AlisterCat said:
" @jakob187: Final Fantasy VII remake, clearly. "
This answer is valid.
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I'm guessing it has something to do with Colonial Marines.

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@SaFt: Didn't even think about that. 
Fuck, this seriously COULD be anything, couldn't it? 
I guess we should throw out the idea that they are working on another Bioshock game also.
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It better be something DNF related. I'm still not really sure if that game is real or not.

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@jakob187 said:

 "we're porting Halo Reach to PC"

I'll take a million.
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in the new EGM, there's an interview with Pitchford about Duke among other things, so I expect infos on the beta or a release date or something.
I doubt they'll do another borderlands DLC pack

#13 Posted by Khann (3061 posts) -

Wow, that soon eh. That picture also looks... kinda awesome.

#14 Posted by JJWeatherman (14791 posts) -

I'm glad this whole situation will finally wrap up. It's been a crazy ride.

#15 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5699 posts) -

I just know that this game is going to have awesome achievements!

#16 Posted by jakob187 (22306 posts) -

Damn.  It wasn't the Final Fantasy VII remake.

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