themonkeyworks's Rango: The Video Game (Xbox 360) review

Retrospective Review

History doesn't give us much expectation for games made from large budget movies and I guess that may be one of the reasons I really enjoyed playing through this 5 - 6 hour, platform adventure.

Now I must mention that at the time of playing this game i hadn't actually watched the movie, so i didn't know the characters or the original storyline. But it didn't seem to hinder my entertainment. Using a basic base of platforming and then adding in some feasts for the eyes this game is competent and responsive. No scene seem to take too long, and no section was frustrating, a few variations to the general dynamic of the linear story lines and one or two different perspectives. The enemies became frustratingly repetitive but as you have a handful of different styles of weapons it continued to be interesting throughout.

Please note that this is a short retrospective review, I played this during March 2011.

In summary, this game is light hearted, great for younger kids and an excellent chance for some easy achievements.


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