Hey Rare!

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I love the multiplayer for Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Heist mode was fun, the caveman vs. dinosaur thing was interesting, and the stuff with the beach is a classic to me. I was a little disappointed with the multiplayer for the Xbox remake, Live and Reloaded. So why don’t you guys take the multiplayer from Bad Fur Day HD it up, adjust the controls to today’s standards, and release it as a downloadable game? If you do that, I promise to buy ten copies.

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As much as I would love this idea, nay, the idea for Rare to make any sort of game, I don't know if we can look forward to that now. I dropped in on their site, and found their new made-over front lobby.

It looks pretty nice sure, but if you look closely, all those quotes on their front desk, praise for Kinect Sports. Their news updates comprise of their fabulous achievements making avatar clothing and more praise unto Kinect Sports. I've always held out a little hope that maybe, just maybe, they would still be coming out with something fantabulous, but this image kind of just put the final nail on that coffin.

I'm going to go grab my Conker's Bad Fur Day, my Banjo-Kazooies, my Viva Pinatas, my Goldeneye, and go cry...
#3 Posted by Aus_azn (2272 posts) -
@Death_Unicorn: Hmm, I'm thinking nail-in-the-coffin right about now.
#4 Posted by i8Donuts (102 posts) -
@Death_Unicorn: Wow they must be really proud of Kincet Sports and avatar costumes. They are responsible for some of the greatest N64 games and they show off that? I think I am going to cry with you.

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