New logo, new identity for Rare to mark the 25th anniversary

#1 Edited by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -
I just hope this means they will be more prominent in Microsoft development, and make some actual games, and not just avatar and natal shit. But probably not >_> I guess we will know more in a couple of weeks at E3... I'm still hoping for a KI3 announcement. Let me dream damn it! >_<
#2 Posted by Broitman (162 posts) -

All I can say is that I'll miss the golden R.

#3 Posted by Emilio (3582 posts) -

Poor rare... bought up as a slap to the face to Nintendo, and ended up as a budget game developer... :(

#4 Posted by DoctorWelch (2817 posts) -

Wow, that is dull and stupid, the golden R  thing was so much better than this shit.

#5 Posted by shrig32 (153 posts) -

Looks like it takes a lot of design cues from the new Ubuntu logo. 
I will also miss the old Rare logo =(

#6 Posted by Steve_C (1768 posts) -

Nice, but it looks too clean. It just screams to me 'casual development studio'.

#7 Posted by DrPockets000 (2875 posts) -

Yeah, not doing much for me.  I don't like this new "cleaner" design some developers are going for.  Treyarch's new logo isn't very good either.

#8 Posted by dudeglove (9644 posts) -

It's very microsoft-y

#9 Posted by Kowbrainz (949 posts) -

I missed this enough back when they switched to the golden R on its own... but this is a little too much for my poor old heart... :( /overreaction
#10 Posted by Joker_777 (326 posts) -

Looks too Microsoft to me.

#11 Posted by Brendan (8821 posts) -

I like it better than the gold R, that logo looked cheap and budget dev imo.
#12 Posted by ch3burashka (5663 posts) -
@Broitman said:
" All I can say is that I'll miss the golden R. "
This. That new logo looks very Nintendo-ey: very clean and sterile. That's a very neutral green color, too.
#13 Posted by thehideousshrew (231 posts) -

looks pretty soulless.

#14 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -

Get ready for Natal Fitness and all those other casual life-style games on XBOX because that's what that logo screams.

Says it all?
#15 Posted by jakob187 (22370 posts) -

Fucking tragic, man.  It looks like shit.

#16 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12970 posts) -

It looks too sterile. If they were selling office supplies or producing educational films, this logo would be fine. But as a game development studio? No. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

#17 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

That looks like something I can make with microsoft paint. I guess they downgrade their logo to reflect how they downgraded their company.

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