Possibly more maps and characters coming?

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I was just browsing through the achievements page for Raskulls and noticed three achievements that weren't there before. The achievement description hints at a new Grand Prix and new characters including Viking from the Mega Quest.  

I don't know exactly what this is, I checked the Raskulls and Halfbrick website and they didn't say anything. but if this means more levels and more characters, I think that's great, it's what this game needs.
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I was just going to post this, but wanted to make sure no one else did, but they showed up on my achievements for Raskulls today. It tells me I have 12/15, so maybe the DLC is incoming?
Also, the character specific ones look annoying, but easily boostable with friends.

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AWESOME. Please be free.

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Yeah, they're in my achievement list as well. Hopefully this will come out soon.

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The PDLC for this just came out!  Raskulls Reinforcements has 4 new characters and a new GP - including a track that lets you race inside the king's castle! I'm gonna get all my friends over to test it out!

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