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Raskulls Review 0

Raskulls is an XBOX Live Arcade game in which you will be playing as one of many different skull faced characters trying to complete some task that usually revolves around some sort of race. You will definitely get blowing up a ton of blocks to get to your goal.Graphically there's the feel of a little bit of cutesy with a little bit of the absurd. Some of the character designs are a dragon, well a skull faced individual in a dragon costume, little red riding hood, a king, a mummy, a duck, and a ...

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Best skull-themed game (without 50 Cent) 0

Raskulls, more than any recent game I can think of, takes a simple mechanic that isn't exactly innovative and manipulates it into a full, fun and varying experience. The game, at it's core, is a puzzle game, but varying modes in the single player campaign and a great sense of humor make this a shining example of a great Xbox Live Arcade game.  I've got 99 problems but a brick ain't one. When you look at Raskulls at the most basic level, you do two things. Move and zap blocks. Blocks group up ...

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Quirky But Outclassed 0

Raskulls feels like a game that I had heard about for ever, but was never truly able to put my finger on what it really was. It felt like I had been seeing screen shots and video of game play for ages, but I could never come up with a definitive idea of what the game was ever supposed to be. So when I sat down and played it a few days ago, I really was interested to finally find out how this game that had been settled on the edge of my mind had turned out. When I started, I liked it. It felt lik...

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Multiplayer madness! 0

Raskulls is an action puzzle platformer, which was originally slated for a DS release, but the increasing tech demands meant it was changed early on to be a Xbox Live Arcade release.The single-player story revolves around a bunch of characters who have, well, they have skulls for head. One day a ship full of evil Pirats (because they're actual rats) crashes into their land, and to get off and sailing again, they need a new fuel source. They discover that a great fuel source is called the "Shiny ...

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