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Rasrok the Blotched earned the favor of Cazic-Thule by successfully infiltrating the elven cities of Kelethin and Felwithe. Using a magic ring that allowed Rasrok to temporarily appear as a high elf. His chosen profession is being a chef, and he was able to deceive a great number of elves, kill them, and bake them into pies. He would then sell these meat pies at his shop in Felwithe to the elves themselves. After a while, the elves began to notice the increase in disappearances, but Rasrok was able to convince them that it must be the vampires of Castle Mistmoore. Rasrok's true identity was discovered one night when he attempted to kill a dwarf, but the troll's axe was stopped by the iron collar the dwarf was wearing in fear of vampires. Rasrok escaped into the forest, but not before several druids and wizards burned him with a few spells, which blotched his skin forever. It was not long after that the elves discovered the severed heads and skulls of their missing friends and family in the troll's shop. The sheer terror has left many of these elves with nightmares to this day. This gained the attention of the Faceless, the god of fear. Cazic-Thule honored Rasrok by bringing him to the Plane of Fear and proclaimed the troll a hero of the realm.

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