Rats! Yey or Ney?

#1 Posted by TJ (17 posts) -

What do we think about rats?  
Are you anti or pro rats? 
Voice your opinions here!?

#2 Posted by AjayRaz (12702 posts) -

could of been a poll  
rats suck 

#3 Posted by Organicalistic_ (3092 posts) -

uhhhg ahhh *screams like a chick* runs away *arms flailing*  WTF is THAT?

#4 Posted by Sanj (2807 posts) -

I like rats...when they're dead.  
#5 Posted by Dragmorian (2 posts) -

Rats.  Cool in Princess Bride.  Lame in most video games.


I would like to see them used once in a while a window dressing or an enviromental factor.  Kick open the door and a hoard of rats rush past you and its creepy  and weird for  few seconds.  But using your brave hero as the almighty pest exterminator is a little lame.

#6 Posted by TJ (17 posts) -

i would like to see a rat as the final boss in an rpg. but like a ordinary weak rat.  
throw that format on its head

#7 Posted by CaptainObvious (2993 posts) -

Rats not so much. 
Skaven - hell yeah.

#8 Posted by FiestaUnicorn (1670 posts) -

Rats are disgusting bags of disease.  THey are foul bottom feeders who need to die.  Just so everyone knows why my anti rat feelings are so strong it's because when I was ten I saw a rat kill a puppy. 
#9 Posted by Gamer_152 (14324 posts) -

As a real-life animal domesticated rats are okay, in video games I tend to find them a bit of a boring enemy.

#10 Posted by MKHavoc (1303 posts) -

What kind of person likes rats?

#11 Posted by JonathanMoore (1880 posts) -

I'm OK with Rats, at least last time I checked.

#12 Posted by Turbo_Toaster (1056 posts) -

I have a rat, and her name is Moo-Moo. She is for serious the sweetest thing on the planet. =3

#13 Posted by a_Fancy_Dinner (6 posts) -

I'm indifferent to rats but can't stand ferrets.

#14 Posted by squidracerX (813 posts) -

rats are cute, well not NYC rats, or garbage dump rats, or black plague rats, but pet store rats are cute :)

#15 Posted by darthincredible25 (94 posts) -

My cat likes to bite down on the spinal cord and take the head off when he catches some in our kitchen. It's cool and gross!

#16 Posted by BrewLegend (20 posts) -

Rats do not rule

#17 Posted by joe2967 (18 posts) -

Rats are good when their extra crispy.
#18 Posted by animateria (3304 posts) -

Who gives a rats ass.
Mice for the win.

#19 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

I love cats because they eat rats.

#20 Posted by Gerhabio (1993 posts) -

Rats eat babies, f rats

#21 Posted by deathface123 (99 posts) -

ive got 2 rats arby and the cheef.. they're ace little guys, wild disease rats arent very nice but pet rats are immense!

#22 Posted by ninjakiller (3428 posts) -

Fuck rats, kill them all.  They're called vermin for a reason. 

#23 Posted by Sephirenn (7 posts) -

Cats in hats eating rats, I like it!

#24 Posted by uniform (1836 posts) -

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