The multiplayer is straight up busted, what the fudge Insomniac!?

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Ok so this is a problem I have had multiple times and I'm sure others have too.

When you win a match you get some points and that gets you closer to the next rank, when you lose a match you lose points and go down in the ranks. I have been in multiple situations where I go into a match at 300 points, win the match and then it tells me I am at 230, what the fuck is this shit! I know that the point system doesn't really mean anything and adds nothing to the gameplay. But it's one of the reasons I keep playing, I want to reach Lombax rank so I can show to people how much I care about the game. But if your game keeps resetting my score back down when it feels like why should I even bother to keep playing?

Thats the same as if you was level 26 in Call of Duty, you win a a match, it tells you that you levelled up, but it levels you up to level 13!I don't know about the rest of you, but this is just unacceptable, I know the game is not as popular as other multiplayer games but still how can you not do something about this? Please don't get me wrong, I love the multiplayer, I mean not 2V2 because thats just for crazy people. But I have spent about 20 or so hours in this games multiplayer mode, it is probably one of the best multiplayer game modes I have played this year. When I started I noticed this but didn't care because I was just having fun, but now that I;m starting to get seriously good this kind of stuff matters more.

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I've had trouble even just finding matches.

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@Azteris I do alright, it's just cause the game isn't too popular. Add me on PSN, Hizang.

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