kratos's Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PlayStation 3) review

Couldn't Put it Down!

Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction has been out for quite some time now.  Insomniac's second PS3 games (first being Resistance Fall of Men), and first Ratchet and Clank game on the console.  I have had quite a few experience of picking up a game through rent or buy and not being able to put it down all the way to dawn and BEYOND, until I finish.  This is one of those cases.  Future Tools of Destruction was really a very fun and engaging title.  It sounded, played, and above all looked great.

STORY; 5/5 stars

The story in R&C provides laughs and enough thrills to keep you going all the way through, not to mention the entire family will enjoy it.  Something many titles say they do but this delivers on.  The end has me waiting for Future Crank in Time, which can't come soon enough.

GAMEPLAY; 5/5 stars

This is the Ratchet and Clank gameplay everyone has always loved, it's smooth and precise.  A couple frame rate drops here and there but it doesn't take away from the actual play.  Leveling up weapons is as fun as ever and just shooting feels great.  The weapons all feel different and fun to shoot, you never feel underpowered. 

GRAPHICS; 5/5 stars

For quite a few people this was there first experience on the PS3, for myself not so much.  I have already gone though the epic journey of Solid Snake and Nathan Drakes first hunt for treasure.  Even though I think those two games look better then Ratchet, Ratchet still holds up nicely.  Looking clean and crisp, really showing the good things to come for the system.

SOUND; 5/5 stars

The sound in Ratchet is just as good as everything else in it.  The voice acting is well executed, and humorous.  The soundtrack is nice and goes with the action.  Lastly, the weaponry (especially the groveatron) sounds wonderful.  The sound really does help the experience.

Played: June 5, 2009
Reviewed: June 13, 2009

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